Release Notes

Version 2.1.1 (Web, Desktop)

A handful of issues were resolved along with some more work pushing towards our mobile code base (announcement soon!).


  • "Double dialing tone" (our dialing tone with PSTN dialing) on outbound calls no longer occurs, if the PSTN dialing tone exists it is the only one that plays.
  • Dialing of star codes works without typing domain.
  • Endless ringing in cases where ring tracking broke (required specific combination of incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously) now silences the ringer and resets the tracking.
  • Custom contact creation errors are more descriptive
  • In a rare case, the same call could appear duplicated on the screen (2 sets of controls).
  • Joining a video conference occasionally did not show you the participant's videos upon joining.
  • Pressing * or # occasionally lead to a tone that wouldn't stop, this has been fixed


  • More mobile code base merging: All Subscriptions now use the same mechanism internally (SubscriptionController).
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