Release Notes

Version 1.9.1 (Web, Desktop)

Search is now available before making a call, and Slack chat has been updated to use Slack’s latest APIs.


  • Type in the new call box and a search box will appear, listing contacts and directory members.


  • Our Slack integration now uses Slack’s Conversations API to receive all necessary information from Slack. This fixes presence information and unread message checking, while also removing API calls that Slack is deprecating.
  • On the Recent Calls page, PSTN calls now populate correctly, and calling back anonymous callers has been disabled, as it is not possible.
  • OnSIP for Firefox should no longer ask permission for microphone/camera access multiple times during the same session.
  • The management of contacts, directory members, and group chats has been reworked internally to be cleaner and more efficient. This also prevents a rare bug where the contact list could not load.
  • Call timers and dialpad inputs have been refactored to be more reliable.
For a list of past notes, please check out our Release Notes History.

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