Release Notes

Version 1.2.0 (Web, Desktop)

Today, we made our first update to the desktop app, along with a web release to offer the same functionality across all versions of the app. The most notable changes are that we now offer real hold in Chrome and the desktop app, and we optimized presence and queue status.


  • Putting a caller on hold in Chrome and the desktop app will now put the other endpoint on hold, instead of simply muting the other end. Note: Putting a caller on hold in Firefox will not change.


  • We optimized how we update contact presence and queue status to put less load on our backend, which means more reliability for users. Any presence failures are also recoverable, with our system retrying every 10 seconds until success.


  • Mobile browsers can now operate the menu as expected.
  • Queue supervisors with more than six queues can now view the additional queues with the use of page navigation buttons.
  • "Browser calling" is now called "App calling" across all versions of the app.
  • We removed almost all use cases of the 'hidden' CSS property in favor of built-in Angular visibility.
  • Custom data tables no longer appear for OnSIP messaging during calls.
  • OAuth login had a few quirks for desktop, they have been resolved.
  • The Getting Started Checklist steps have been reworked to rely on Angular instead of document references.


  • We replaced our conditional web/desktop checking with a more streamlined approach that gives us more flexibility going forward.
  • We moved our styles into Angular instead of working alongside it, to give us more flexibility going forward. Our internal routing has also moved into Angular for the same reason.
  • Legacy voicemail functionality was removed.
  • We have started typing our entire project and refactoring code to be cleaner, and are catching some bugs in the process. Mostly miscellaneous, but so far extremely useful.
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