APR 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 11:56 AM EDT

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The most important announcements of the year-no, the decade. No wait, the century!

Here at Junction Networks, we thrive on positive feedback from our customers. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and best of all, we get to post the positive feedback here and get more users to sign up. GIMME YOUR $!!!! Wait a second, am I being too transparent?

We've been getting many videos from customers and I thought it would be fantastic to share them with you. After all, our customers are what matter the most to us.

Our first video comes from Bob, a customer who didn't just need a phone system but also a way to get people to take him seriously.

MAR 2011

Posted by Larry at 09:19 AM EDT

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Password Explanation, Security, and Tips for OnSIP Users

Security means different things to different people. To a system administrator, it can be the difference between a relaxing weekend and weeks of hell that never end. To end users, it's a trade-off between convenience and using something other than 'abc123' or '123456' as their passwords. Here’s a metric many can understand: security is the opposite of convenience.

SIP Passwords

We have very secure SIP passwords for OnSIP. We get all kinds of comments on the complexity. We are proud of that complexity; it keeps all of us secure and allows us to give you a great service at a bottom-line price. If we let everyone make their own SIP passwords, we’d be getting hacked all the time, which would be costly. NO ONE wants that! Our SIP password security keeps our CTO smiling. I think.

MAR 2011

Posted by rob@junctionnetworks.com at 10:15 AM EDT

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Banks: “We’re lending to small businesses. Yay!” Small Businesses: “B.S.”

The Small Business Loan Fallacy

I talk to many small business owners, customers, partners, and friends, who all tell me they can’t get loans from banks. (Thankfully, this isn’t problem for us. I’m the CFO of Junction Networks, and we are fully bootstrapped and profitable.) On the other hand, I hear so much in the news about the $ billions of federal programs that are helping small businesses. So, I thought I’d look into the matter.

Yes, it’s bullshit. Sort of. Banks are lending, but only indirectly to small businesses. Here are the top three questions a few banks asked when we discussed working capital loans:

MAR 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 02:38 PM EDT

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New review of the Grandstream GXV3175

This week we tested the GXV3175, the newest HD multimedia phone from Grandstream. Announced as the upgrade and sibling to the highly praised GXV3140 from 2009, this phone has some interesting qualities. For one, there are no hardkeys except for a single 'home' button. The UI is its 7 inch touchscreen LCD. The phone also supports Wifi connectivity, which is uncommon for VoIP desk phones. Other features include a full Internet browser, video conferencing, and support for an assortment of social media applications.

Read our full review here: Grandstream GXV3175 review

MAR 2011

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MAR 2011

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Google to launch stand-alone VoIP service? Reading the signs

On Monday, we were excited to learn that Google Voice numbers were reachable via SIP addresses in the form +1{Google Voice Number}@sip.voice.google.com. As many speculated, this was a strong indication that Google is going to enable “pure” VoIP calling on their system, which is huge news.

However, yesterday morning, we found that we could no longer reach our Google Voice numbers using SIP addresses. Disappointed, we decided to dig a little deeper to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

MAR 2011

Posted by Nicole at 03:55 PM EST

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Google Voice Using YATE to Answer SIP Calls - A Quick Observation

There has been a lot of buzz this week so far about Google Voice SIP addresses.. Today, however, we found in testing that Google is no longer responding to SIP traffic. While many are speculating about what Google is up to, I wanted to make a quick point about the remote client, YATE, that Google seems to have chosen to answer Google Voice SIP calls (when it was working... yesterday). First, a bit about the discovery and a great introduction to YATE by Dan York:

MAR 2011

Posted by rob@junctionnetworks.com at 11:28 AM EST

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Google Voice SIP Address No Longer Available: sip.voice.google.com Now Silent

SIP access to Google Voice Numbers is no longer available. As it was reported and discussed by Todd Vierling, Alok Saboo, and Dan York over the past couple of days, access to Google Voice numbers WAS available in the following format:

SIP:+1{insert GV number}@sip.voice.google.com

This capability is no longer available. The domain is no longer accepting SIP traffic. See here for unanswered INVITES.

Hopefully, it was a sign of things to come.

MAR 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 04:53 PM EST

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Google, Gizmo5

Gizmo5 Discontinued: Thoughts on Free SIP Alternative and Google Voice

Introduction: Google Voice and Gizmo5

Google Voice (GV) is a free service in your Gmail account that provides users outbound calling in the U.S. as well as inbound call forwarding. You can select a GV phone number and then choose which existing phone number (e.g. your cell phone) to which you’d like calls to be forwarded. You can make outbound calls in the Gmail interface. You can also take advantage of their voicemail-to-email service. But, with Google Voice, you cannot register a phone and make and receive calls to that phone. It is mainly a call-forwarding service.

Gizmo5 is an online VoIP company, somewhat similar to ours. Like ours, the Gizmo5 network uses open standards for call management, SIP and XMPP. Acquired back in late 2009 by Google, Gizmo5’s technology can be seen at work today in Gmail VoIP calling client.

MAR 2011

Posted by Nicole at 10:46 AM EST

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Gizmo5 Shut Down and Google Voice Numbers Have SIP URI's. What Now?

In this 2009 Google forum, a Google Voice user asked, "Does my Google Voice number have a SIP number?" Many answers followed with, "no," and alternative solutions - mainly involving Gizmo5. Today, we were referred to a blog by Todd Vierling that indicate Google Voice numbers have a SIP URI.

"The good news is, you can now call Google Voice numbers directly from SIP using the pattern +1NPANXXXXXX@sip.voice.google.com. This is a major step forward," describes Rao in his blog, entitled So Google Voice: SIP is Actually Coming (...in some form).