DEC 2010

Posted by Leo Zheng at 04:55 AM EST

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Microsoft Lync: "The era of the PBX, folks, is over"

Says Gurdeep Singh Pall, Microsoft Lync & Speech Group corporate vice president. This week, Microsoft Lync, formerly Microsoft Office Communications Server, becomes available for purchase. First Kinect, and now Lync. Are we seeing the beginnings of a recurring pattern here? I can't wait for Microsoft Unyte and Microsoft Joyn. To end users, Lync will be an application that combines video, IM, presence, conferences, and whiteboard sessions. To Microsoft, Lync is a project more than 5 years in the making. I sat through the company's lengthy keynote presentation, and thought you might be interested in hearing a little (or a lot) about this new unified communications solution.

NOV 2010

Posted by Nicole at 10:59 AM EST

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It's Black Friday: Will You Consider the Cisco Umi?

We've survived the turkey eating comas and made it to today: Black Friday.

Today and (Cyber) Monday, shoppers are considering big gadget purchases because of the discounts and availability. One "hot" gadget this year is Cisco's Umi, a communication product that brings telepresence to HD televisions in homes. Interested, I dug around online for predictions on just how "hot" this item will be.

What Is Umi?

You may have seen the recent quirky advertising for Umi, featuring actor Ellen Page. These ads highlight how the Umi offers a superior communication experience - high definition video conferencing - that brings family members and friends together. Umi (name made from You-mi) is a 1080p video conferencing gadget. Umi requires the following components:

NOV 2010

Posted by Nicole at 10:50 PM EST

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An OnSIP Holiday Tip that Scrooge Might Like

This blog is by Mike Steiner, a member of our Support team. Traveling for the holidays? Did you know you can easily forward your OnSIP phone number to an external phone number so you don't miss a call? Just think, you could forward it to your cell phone and leave a little early for the holiday. (Note: It's probably a good idea to ask your boss first!) If you'd like to try this out, but need some guidance, feel free to check out how to add an external phone number for further information.

NOV 2010

Posted by Leo Zheng at 04:06 PM EST

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iPhone and Google Apps Users Beware (or Rejoice): Google Voice Wants In!

Long story short, about 16 months ago, Google submitted their Google Voice app to the App Store for consideration. Apple was less than thrilled about the similarities between the app and the native 'Phone' application. The FCC got involved and a back-and-forth began between the two companies. Despite what Google said about 'openness' and Android, Apple went with this:

The Google Voice app was put into a state of limbo for over a year. In that time, however, Google was still able to get a working version of their Voice service into the hands of a lot of people with Gchat integration and an HTML 5 version that was available to iPhone users.

NOV 2010

Posted by Nicole at 10:02 AM EST

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Google Voice App Released: CNET Review Says "Slightly Underbaked"

Google recently announced the release of the Google Voice app for the iPhone. What some may not know is that this app stirred up a lot of controversy last year. And, now that it's here, what are reviewers saying? Back in the summer of 2009, the Apple store rejected the Google Voice app along with other Google Voice related apps, citing "duplicate features that come with the iPhone,” according to TechCrunch, who broke the story. Apple's action sparked the FCC's interest. Eventually, on July 31, 2009, the FCC wrote a letter to Apple, beginning: "Recent press reports indicate that Apple has declined to approve the Google Voice application for the iPhone and has removed related (and previously approved) third-party applications from the iPhone App Store.

NOV 2010

Posted by Leo Zheng at 01:18 PM EST

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OnSIP Reviews Bria for Android

Five months ago, Counterpath brought their Bria softphone to the iPhone, and it eventually became one of our favorite standards-based VoIP applications. But what about those of us who aren't slaves to Apple? Unfortunately, there don't seem to be a whole lot of VoIP app options in the Android Market:

[ Taken from our phone review: ]

NOV 2010

Posted by Nicole at 12:43 PM EST

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NOV 2010

Posted by Eric Tamme at 01:20 PM EST

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Is "Unified Communications" a Real Step Towards Unity?

This blog is by Eric T, an Engineer at Junction Networks. It seems that every other day, if not more frequently, I read some industry website that is heralding the advent of "Unified Communications" (UC) through some new product launch. In my opinion, Unified Communications is a term so wildly lofty and vague that it brings tears of joy to marketing teams eyes when they get the chance to brandish it about in white papers and trade show slicks. Let's take a moment to figure out what exactly Unified Communications is.


transitive verb : to make into a unit or a coherent whole : unite


noun : a process by which information is exchanged between individuals This leaves much to interpretation. Many companies sell UC as systems:

NOV 2010

Posted by Nicole at 09:33 AM EST

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OnSIP Tips from the SIP Maven: ACD Queues

This blog post is by Tim, our SIP Maven.

Using ACD Queues with OnSIP

Automated Call Distribution queues (ACD queues) were traditionally only used by large call centers - but with OnSIP, small and medium businesses can take advantage of the power of advanced queuing.

There are several differences between queues and group rings:

NOV 2010

Posted by Leo Zheng at 04:31 PM EDT

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