FEB 2011

Posted by OnSIP Employee at 01:47 PM EST

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How to Customize a Video Player with Flowplayer and YouTube API's

There are many ways of playing video content on your website, the easiest being embedding youtube videos on your website with their copy/paste code. Another way to display a movie is to use Quicktime Player by simply calling a .mov file within HTML code. We chose to use Flowplayer for our video needs.

The Flowplayer API is one of the best out there due to its slick design, appearance customizability, and integration with the jQuery Tools library. In their website, flowplayer.org, they have all the documentation and resources you need to get your video player "Pimped Out." (their words)

FEB 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 12:08 PM EST

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OnSIP reviews the Polycom VVX 1500 business media phone

Most of the video calling solutions we've encountered in the past have either been prohibitively expensive (think video conferencing kits with price tags in the tens of thousands), or limited to software that you run on your computer. That's quickly changing—some of the biggest VoIP hardware manufacturers have already updated their lines with desk phones that incorporate video calling.

FEB 2011

Posted by Nicole at 09:40 AM EST

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JAN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 03:46 PM EST

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OnSIP reviews Groundwire, the business mobile SIP client from Acrobits

Check out our review of Groundwire, the "throw out your desk phone" application available in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. It's the business version of the Acrobits Softphone, with the added functionality of multiple lines, transfer (blind and attended), conferencing, and more.

Intuitive, customizable, and feature-packed, Groundwire seems to be a promising addition to the growing number of enterprise class SIP applications.

JAN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 10:42 AM EST

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ITEXPO East 2011: Hosted vs On-Premise VoIP Panel With Mike Oeth, Junction Networks CEO

We are happy to announce that Mike Oeth, CEO of Junction Networks, will be attending this year's ITEXPO East in Miami, February 2-4. "ITEXPO is the event with an educational program that teaches resellers, enterprises, SMBs, and Government Agencies how to select IP-based voice, video, fax, and unified communications to purchase or resell," describes the ITEXPO website. Aside from enjoying the escape from the snow in the North, Mike will also be participating in a panel discussion on hosed versus on-premise VoIP. “Switching to an IP-based phone system is often an easy decision when factoring in cost savings and the availability of rich features.

JAN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 09:56 AM EST

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OnSIP Agent Program Update - January 2011

The OnSIP Agent Program is an award-winning VoIP Reseller program. We supplement our agents' sales efforts with the tools necessary to establish a highly profitable line of business: training, a rich knowledgebase of technical articles, access to leading phone vendors, and more. This is an OnSIP Agent Program update from Andy, our Channel Manager. In that past few weeks, OnSIP as added 3 new agents to our team of resellers:

JAN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 04:12 PM EST

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Microsoft Lync Review and Interoperability Testing with OnSIP

This blog by Eric Phipps is a follow-up to our earlier post, Microsoft Lync: "The era of the PBX is over, folks".

Summary: Recently released by Microsoft, Lync is a PBX replacement aimed at delivering high quality unified communications in the workplace. Eager to test it, we installed Lync to try out in our phone lab. We experienced many challenges in Lync set-up and installation, and was ultimately only partially successful. In the end, we were able to get Lync Server to communicate with an Asterisk Server, and the Asterisk Server to register to Junction Networks. However, ultimately, we couldn’t get Asterisk’s clients to talk to the Lync Clients, and we couldn’t get the outside world to communicate with Lync in any form over SIP. Read on for more details.

JAN 2011

Posted by Mike Oeth at 02:40 PM EST

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Polycom software update and NTP Server

We recently updated the software (SIP.ld) on the Polycom boot server to version 3.3.1. The new software is more in line with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) standards. In the older version of SIP.ld, the program was reading the NTP server from the config file. However, the proper behavior is for the phone to use the NTP server as defined by the DHCP server, regardless of what's in the config file; the config file entry is only supposed to be used if the DHCP server fails to supply an NTP server. The new version of SIP.ld corrects this and behaves properly. There is one downside: If the DHCP server is handing out an NTP server, and the IP address it's handing out is non-existent or invalid, then the phone has no NTP server and does not display the correct date/time.

JAN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 01:00 PM EST

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OnSIP reviews the Bria 3.1 softphone by Counterpath

Check out our newest review: the Bria softphone by Counterpath. I've been using the Bria 3 off and on since its release back in the summer of 2009. It's a great, easy-to-use software phone with pretty much everything a business user like myself will ever need. The Bria is currently the phone I rely on when I'm working from home.

The Bria features a very customizable user interface, H.263 and H.264 video formats for video conferencing (support for multiparty video conferences is included), wideband g722 support for high-definition call quality, support for multiple SIP accounts, and XMPP support.

JAN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 09:19 AM EST

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