OCT 2011

Posted by Nicole at 12:35 PM EDT

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OnSIP Team Attends Voxeo Customer Summit And Builds OnSIP-Tropo Whisper Application

Rooted heavily in SIP standards and customer service values, Voxeo has been a company we've known about and respected for years. Since it was founded in 1999, Voxeo has been mainly focused on hosted and on-premise based IVR solutions for customers much larger than ours. Likewise, our business rarely intersected with Voxeo’s. However, in 2009, Voxeo launched a new product called Tropo, a cloud-based application platform that makes it easy for web developers to build voice applications using familiar languages. This product is extremely promising for us, and it also gave us a great excuse to head down to Orlando for Voxeo’s Customer Summit. As our customer size is growing, the demand for custom applications is also growing. Tropo presents a good opportunity for us to satisfy that custom application need.

OCT 2011

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Next Agent/Reseller Webinar: Bulk Uploads and other Time-saving Tips

Who wouldn't want to save time doing things that they do everyday?

Our sixth webinar, on Bulk Uploads and other Time-saving Tips will be held on Thursday, October 20, at 2 PM EDT.

Join CEO, Mike Oeth, and Channel Manager, Andy, as they discuss simple yet effective ways to save time while you set up OnSIP for your customers. Our resellers have customers ranging from 5 seats in one location to 200 seats spread throughout field offices. If you handle a wide variety of clients and large numbers of seats, these tips, some of them tested and recommended by other agents, can save you time and effort in every step of the way.

Don't miss this chance to learn how best to streamline and simplify your work. Click on the button below to register.

OCT 2011

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Mobile VoIP: Clearing Up Confusion

mobile VoIPRecently, I came across a competitor’s press release, announcing a new enhancement: VoIP Anywhere. This company, which shall remain unnamed, went on to discuss the groundbreaking ability to have mobile VoIP. After reading through, I found this was not any sort of technology breakthrough; it was a marketing spin on existing technology. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in our industry, and I wonder if it just serves to confuse end users. This inspired a quick blog on what is mobile VoIP? For us, the term mobile VoIP simply means using a VoIP client (soft phone) on one’s mobile device. We’ve been mentioning mobile VoIP for quite some time now, beginning mobile VoIP client reviews last year. OnSIP works with any SIP user agent (phone) – from a software phone to a desk phone.

OCT 2011

Posted by Tim Cleves at 03:00 PM EDT

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funny, leisure

SIP and Sockeye

One of the great things about being SIP Maven for Junction Networks is that the company allows a certain amount of "flex time." As long as you're thinking about SIP (and coming up with clever blog posts) you can occasionally sneak away from work a little early and put in some creative time doing other things. Such as salmon fishing. I happen to live in some of the best salmon fishing waters in the world - British Columbia. It's also home to some of the more creative SIP companies; both Polycom and Aastra have development and research centers here. We're big fans of both Polycom and Aastra. (Have you seen our current Polycom boot server promotion?) I digress. I recently took some flex time and went out in a 19 foot fishing boat with my friends Matthias and David.

OCT 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 10:08 AM EDT

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Stories from our certified VoIP resellers: Installing a phone system post-Hurricane Irene

We recently spoke with OnSIP Agent Alex VanSantvoord from VEI Consulting Group about a post-crisis phone system implementation for one of his clients.

Hi Alex. Can you give us a little background info about this situation?

Alex: I have a client who operates a waterfront catering establishment in NYC.

Immediately after Hurricane Irene I received a phone call from them. They had suffered a severe flood within the establishment and although the process of cleanup and restoration had already started, they had no telephones operational. The system processor was underwater and completely destroyed.

SEP 2011

Posted by Eric Phipps at 01:08 AM EDT

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Router, asus

Finding the right router for SOHO: the ASUS RT-N56U

Time for a new router

Over the weekend, my home router died. Well not "died" died, per se, but began to fail to live up to my needs. It was a Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N, purchased from Amazon on sale. Total mistake. I bought it to use as a home router because the default "stock" firmware was the amazing DD-WRT firmware, probably the best firmware available for use in SOHO routers.

Tragically, the DD-WRT flat out didn't work on the device. It would lock up the device, lock me out of the web interface, and not allow SSH or Telnet access. On top of all that, it was just so unbearably slow. I was frankly a little shocked that a router supposedly designed around DD-WRT would be so horrible and unfriendly to work with.

SEP 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 03:23 PM EDT

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OnSIP reviews the Yealink SIP-T22P

One way to think of the Yealink SIP-T22P is that it's the company's SIP-T28P executive phone with the dedicated memory / BLF keys chopped off, a smaller LCD, and fewer lines.

This PoE enabled 3-line phone features a 132x64 pixel backlit LCD, high definition audio delivered through HD speakers / handset, a jack for RJ-9 headsets, and programmable context sensitive / line keys. Not bad at all if you consider that you can find this model for well under $100.

SEP 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 11:06 AM EDT

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Update to Polycom Boot Server fixes security bug on older models

We've made an update to our Polycom Boot Server (firmware version 3.1.3 to version 3.1.4) that fixes a security issue on 'legacy' Polycom models. In the past, the web interface for some of the older models displayed SIP passwords in plaintext instead of masking them. While this is a seemingly minor issue, we can't stress enough that every little bit counts when it comes to securing your SIP account credentials.

Affected models include the Soundpoint 301 / 501 / 601, and the Soundstation 4000.

Simply reboot your phone if you're using one of these phones and the changes will automatically take effect. Thank you for helping us safeguard your phone system.

SEP 2011

Posted by Nicole at 09:52 AM EDT

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From Skype to OnSIP: Sycorr

Sycorr builds software for banks. Here's a short description of the company from their own site's 'About us' section:

Banking software is old, it is unstable, and it is far too expensive for the quality of software and corporate service provided. In short, most banking software is just…horrible.

A small and passionate group of financial industry experts, software developers, and designers sat down and thought about how they could better serve banks and their clients. After much discussion, the Sycorr team was born in 2009.

Seeing as how I know next to nothing about banking software, I'll take their word for it. What I do know is that Sycorr is one of the first OnSIP customers that came to us after using Skype. We spoke to Sycorr co-founder and CEO Jeremy Neuharth to learn more about this transition.

What is Sycorr?

SEP 2011

Posted by Nicole at 10:33 AM EDT

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Free VoIP Reseller Webinar: Best Network Practices

Explore best practices while implementing a dependable VoIP network for your customers with OnSIP

Our fifth webinar will be held on Thursday, September 15, at 2 PM EDT, and is entitled Best Network Practices.

Join CEO, Mike Oeth, and Channel Manager, Andy, as they discuss network best practices when implementing OnSIP for customers. Our resellers have customers ranging from 5 seats in one location to 200 seats in field offices. Having customers with varying needs and equipment to choose from, resellers can benefit from a few key guidelines for setting up a VoIP network with OnSIP.

Also joining this webinar for resellers will be Larry Browne. Larry will discuss commonly observed network issues and how to troubleshoot them. Don't miss this chance to learn how best to take advantage of these opportunities. Simply click on the button below to register.