JUN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 12:52 PM EDT

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Junction Networks team brings home 2011 American Business Award

We're happy to announce that our team brought home the 2011 American Business Award (Stevie) for Best Management Team of the Year - Product Development. This is the second year in a row that Junction Networks has been recognized by the Stevie Awards; last year, our in-browser unified communications interface my.OnSIP was named Product of the Year.

The awards committee recognized several of the accomplishments we have made in the past year with OnSIP, including our integrations with Highrise and PhoneTag, the development and support of our open API, XMPP interoperability, and the introduction of our Mobile VoIP review program.

JUN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 01:38 PM EDT

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Review of Blink Pro, SIP Client for Mac OSX

Blink Pro is a SIP client / softphone application from developer AG projects, a company that has been implementing and supporting SIP infrastructure components for cable operators and Internet service providers since 2002. The Blink Pro app is the user endpoint of their product portfolio. You can use Blink Pro with any SIP provider, but only when you have a SIP2SIP.info account (or an account from one of AG Projects's customers, probably) will you be able to seamlessly use all of the features included in the app. Some of the more interesting features include 'Chat Sessions', a combination of an HD conference room and an IM chatroom, file transfer, and desktop share.

JUN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 02:11 PM EDT

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We'll be at the 2011 American Business Awards next week

We were ecstatic to learn last month that we'd been named as a finalist for Product Development/Management Team of the Year at the American Business Awards. Winners will be announced Monday, June 20th. The American Business Awards is one of the nation's premiere business awards programs, created to recognize the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and businesses nationwide. We're honored to have been nominated again. Mike, John and Rob will be attending the awards ceremony. We look forward to meeting all the talented people behind the amazing products, services, and teams nominated this year.

JUN 2011

Posted by Mike Oeth at 01:24 PM EDT

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Gartner on the changing role of IT: From Implementation to Planning

Gartner released an interesting report stating that the role of IT should change from one of implementation to one of planning. With the abundance of cloud-based applications, I can't agree more. The build-vs-buy scenario doesn't even make sense any more. There is such a plethora of cloud-based applications, like the OnSIP Hosted PBX, that running your own in-house service, in most cases, does not make fiscal or strategic sense. The gist of the Gartner report is that IT departments should shift their focus to one of planning and implementation of cloud-based applications and let the cloud-based companies focus on what they do well, namely run the application.

JUN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 12:50 PM EDT

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Telecom Company Banned from Oregon State for Slamming. Wait, What is Slamming?

Last week, it was reported by the Oregon Department of Justice that United Telecom, Inc. can no longer do business in Oregon after allegations of “slamming.” The press release was briefly passed around by people of Junction Networks who handle the Local Number Porting (LNP) process to underscore just how important the paperwork involved in porting numbers is. Somewhat new to the telecommunications industry, I have been curious about this term, slamming. The term is peculiar, nondescript in this particular meaning, has several negative connotations, and yet-it's actually made its way into government documentation! I decided to look into it further...

JUN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 12:09 PM EDT

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Our next Agent / VoIP Reseller Webinar: Top Selling Strategies for Agents

Last month, we launched our webinar series for OnSIP Authorized Resellers and those who are interested in becoming resellers. This series is intended to help IT Professionals expand their knowledge of our hosted VoIP platform OnSIP, and give them a competitive advantage for selling VoIP services to businesses. We're happy to report that the last session was a great success.

On Thursday, June 16th, our CEO Mike Oeth and Channel Manager Andy Ogg will be hosting the second webinar in our ongoing OnSIP Agent webinar series. This session will cover top selling strategies for our Agents and VoIP resellers. Some of the topics to be covered will include:

JUN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 06:16 PM EDT

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Google +1: Small businesses to get the most out of new recommendation system

This week, Google publicly rolled out its +1 button. I would say that the reception so far is divided. One camp thinks +1 will be revolutionary, and the other can’t see how this will be any different from the dozens of other widgets constantly bombarding them on the Internet. Like this! Tweet this! It can be a bit much. Now I am by no means an expert or a tech prophet, but I would like to think that Google is onto something really special here. So naturally, I have to write something about it when I see this video ranking #2 in Youtube for “Google +1”.

JUN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 07:50 PM EDT

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Finding a suitable replacement for Skype, inspired by the Hangover 2

This memorial weekend, I went to see the Hangover 2. We sat in a theatre filled to the brim with deafening forced laughter. A plot that’s familiar is fine; a plot that blatantly panders to the audience without offering anything new or refreshing is kind of insulting.

Anyway, somewhere between all the carbon-copy scenes, we get to the part when Alan, Zach Galifianakis’s character, bids farewell to his new monkey friend.

"I wish monkeys could Skype, maybe one day?”

Thank goodness Alan said that because it distracted me from thinking about the current state of Hollywood.

JUN 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 12:19 PM EDT

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Review of Blink Lite, free SIP client for Mac OSX and Windows

Blink Lite is a free VoIP-only SIP client from Netherlands based developer AG Projects, the same people behind SIP2SIP.info. The application is particularly user-friendly for people who are completely unfamiliar with SIP. If you choose to get a free SIP2SIP.info SIP account straight from the application, the client will automatically register using that SIP account. Blink Lite makes getting started with SIP as easy as signing up for Skype. Of course, you can also register the client with your pre-existing SIP provider.

MAY 2011

Posted by Nicole at 10:44 AM EDT

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Junction Networks Team on VoIP Users Conference Friday, 5/27 1 PM EDT

The VoIP Users Conference (VUC) is an organization we've supported and been a part of for a few years now. If you've never attended, VUC facilitates weekly live discussions about VoIP, SIP, Asterisk and all kinds of telephony-related topics. We are delighted to announce that John, Junction Networks CTO, and Charlotte, Systems Engineer, join tomorrow's call at 1 PM EDT to discuss our efforts in two areas: