JUL 2011

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Free VoIP Reseller Webinar: Successful Revenue Strategies for OnSIP Agents

Find out how to go beyond the commission with add-on services that complement OnSIP

Our third webinar will be held on Thursday, July 21st at 2 PM EDT, and is entitled Beyond the Commission: Successful Revenue Strategies for OnSIP Agents.

Join CEO Mike Oeth and Channel Manager Andy as they discuss revenue opportunities when implementing OnSIP for customers. Our resellers typically provide a number of add-on services in support of OnSIP, including: monthly recurring phone support, phone config and installation, account setup, and more. Don't miss this chance to learn how best to take advantage of these opportunities. Simply click on the button below to register.

JUL 2011

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JUL 2011

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firewall, NOC

Quick overview of the Watchguard Fireware XTM 2 (v 11.4.1)

One of the jobs of the Junction Networks NOC is to test equipment to ascertain if a device will function properly with our service or not. We run through a lot of phones which are mostly successful and a lot of Gateway devices with SIP ALGs which are less successful.

The New York team puts a hurting on our gateway devices. We have expanded from 4 to 13 people in our office with SIP phones, laptops, tablets, ATAs, cell phones, development environments, and even a fully functional phone lab with new end points and routing needs added weekly.

If a device is rated for twenty users, it typically doesn't mean twenty of us.

We put a hurt on gateway devices, but we are the perfect testing environment because we can spot issues with devices and communicate them to our client base as soon as we spot them. Hardware related advice can be found in our knowledgebase.

JUL 2011

Posted by Erick J Johnson at 11:26 PM EDT

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GIT Stuff: Discard Some But Not All Changes To A File In Your Working Directory

I'm told that the marketing department is always looking for blog posts on something, so I figured I'd try to start posting about some ways that I use GIT. These certainly aren't brain buster techniques, but they may be helpful to the GIT novices of the world. I'll try to keep the posts to stuff that you could never do with SVN, using GIT though, that leaves the possibilities endless. Tonight I'm only going to mention a simple trick, discarding only some changes to a single file in your working directory. If you're like me, then you are a deficient GIT committer. If committing were a class then I'd get a C for sheer laziness. I'll go hours, sometimes even days :O, without commiting. This is a horrible thing to do with GIT - I know - but what can I say, maybe I have a fear of commitment*.

JUL 2011

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Vanity numbers versus 'Vanity' SIP addresses

Vanity phone numbers have been a highly coveted asset for businesses for a long time. A vanity number is a phone number that spells a name of a business, a slogan, or something catchy that makes it memorable for customers, e.g. 1-800-Call-Mee.

With numbers like this, the possibilities are limited by an ever-shrinking number pool. Many of our customers are looking for the perfect phone number for their business, but alas, most of the time their first picks are already taken. There is considerable activity on Ebay for desirable phone numbers. You will find some outlandish ‘Buy it Now’ prices, especially for 212 numbers.

Thank goodness for the free shipping. Enter SIP addresses.

JUL 2011

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See how easy it is to set up an OnSIP account yourself

One of the many benefits of OnSIP is that you can set it up all by yourself. There's no waiting on your service provider (us) to set anything up for you. Want to add users? Missing a few voice mailboxes? You can do it with a few clicks of your mouse. How about an auto-attendant or a call group? Same deal. Watch Eden give a quick webinar on how easy it is to set up an OnSIP account today at 3 pm EST. Simply click on the button below to register.

JUN 2011

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See OnSIP in action in our Live Call Map

A few of our engineers got together and worked on a little project for us - something that would easily demonstrate the ‘disruptive’ intersection between voice data and Internet service.

Today, we announced the release of this live call map, a mashup of our VoIP data and the Google Maps API that plots when an OnSIP customer picks up or hangs up the phone. We’ve been staring at it all day.

From our press release:

JUN 2011

Posted by mike.steiner@junctionnetworks.com at 04:35 PM EDT

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OnSIP Tips: Checking your voicemail remotely

Checking your OnSIP voicemail is as easy as dialing *98 from your desk phone and entering your mailbox and pin numbers. The Voicemail Manager allows users to check their voicemail messages or manage their voicemail box. But what if you're away from the office and don't have access to your SIP phone?

Suppose your on summer vacation with the family and just remembered that you forgot to change your voicemail message to tell clients that you'll be out of the office this week. Or maybe you travel for work and need to check your messages from the road. Whatever the reason, we've got you covered.

JUN 2011

Posted by Nicole at 12:52 PM EDT

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Junction Networks team brings home 2011 American Business Award

We're happy to announce that our team brought home the 2011 American Business Award (Stevie) for Best Management Team of the Year - Product Development. This is the second year in a row that Junction Networks has been recognized by the Stevie Awards; last year, our in-browser unified communications interface my.OnSIP was named Product of the Year.

The awards committee recognized several of the accomplishments we have made in the past year with OnSIP, including our integrations with Highrise and PhoneTag, the development and support of our open API, XMPP interoperability, and the introduction of our Mobile VoIP review program.

JUN 2011

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Review of Blink Pro, SIP Client for Mac OSX

Blink Pro is a SIP client / softphone application from developer AG projects, a company that has been implementing and supporting SIP infrastructure components for cable operators and Internet service providers since 2002. The Blink Pro app is the user endpoint of their product portfolio. You can use Blink Pro with any SIP provider, but only when you have a SIP2SIP.info account (or an account from one of AG Projects's customers, probably) will you be able to seamlessly use all of the features included in the app. Some of the more interesting features include 'Chat Sessions', a combination of an HD conference room and an IM chatroom, file transfer, and desktop share.