NOV 2011

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Call forwarding to an external line: What happens when I don't pick up?

Special thanks to Eric Phipps and Dave Jodhan, NOC Technicians, for providing the information and diagrams in this blog.

One of our customers had an interesting question that concerns setting up group calls and call forwarding:

Can calls be forwarded to an external line like a cellphone if there are multiple devices registered to the same SIP address?

OnSIP has a unique feature that allows any number of user agents (phones, soft phones, etc.) to be registered to the same SIP address. For example, you can have one phone at your cubicle, one at your home office and also a soft phone to take calls on your laptop, all registered to your extension. When a call is made to that extension, all three devices ring, allowing you to take the call on any of them. In usual cases, if the call is not answered on any device, the call is forwarded to a voicemail box associated with that extension.

NOV 2011

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Grandstream GXP 1400 & 1405 review, Blink Pro updates

If you thought you couldn't get a new high definition VoIP phone for under $50, you'd be wrong. This week, we took a look at the GXP 1405, a 2 line (supports 2 SIP accounts) VoIP deskphone from Grandstream Networks. The phone includes a 128 x 40 graphical LCD, speakerphone, RJ9 headset jack, and PoE support. The list price is $65, but you can find it available for much less from online VoIP phone retailers. Check out our full review of the Grandstream GXP 1405 or visit our dedicated knowledgebase article for a configuration / provisioning walkthrough.

OCT 2011

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OCT 2011

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OCT 2011

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Javascript IVRs in FreeSWITCH

This blog is written by Mihail Comanescu, member of the engineering team

I have been working on implementing a JavaScript IVR in FreeSWITCH and, after checking the FreeSWITCH Wiki, I found that there wasn't much information on how to do that properly. Here are some of the challenges I encountered and solutions that I came up with when implementing a Javascript IVR for FreeSWITCH:


  • Playing some type of audio recording
  • Playing dynamic content
  • Capturing user input while playing
  • Capturing input within a timeout period


Looking around the Wiki, we find a handful of methods which allow us to relay information on the channel or to listen for DTMF tones.

OCT 2011

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Junction Networks and Fire Prevention Week

This blog is written by Larry Browne, member of the support team here at Junction Networks.

Last week was fire prevention week, a time for everyone to take a good, hard look at the fire safety precautions in their homes and businesses. (Find educational material and tips here.)

OCT 2011

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OnSIP 'Rocks Out' at the Empire State Building

Every month, entrepreneurs looking for collaborators and investors throng "Rocking Out" events, organized by Entrepreneur Week, Startup One Stop and ER Accelerator. Angel investors and venture capitalists mingle with the enthusiastic people talking about the fabulous ideas that will change the world as we know it.

On Oct 18, Tim Cleves and I hit the event. We had a sponsorship ticket to the event, and Tim had prepared an OnSIP pitch with a list of who's who clients. We started on a rich note - Dalmore scotch and different types of cheeses.

OCT 2011

Posted by Leo Zheng at 11:39 AM EDT

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Could Bobsled be a window into the future of wireless carriers, mobile VoIP?

Back in April, T-mobile released Bobsled, an application that allowed its users to initiate voice chats with their Facebook friends and leave messages on their walls. For one reason or another, the whole thing was taken down only a week later.

Last week, they brought it back; this time with the added functionality of free calls to any US mobile or landline number. The upgraded version of Bobsled comes in two forms, both of which require you to sign up using your Facebook profile. You can download the application as an extension for your Internet browser—think of it as the ‘Phone’ in your Gmail, except with a mandatory Facebook login and the added inconvenience of having to download an 18 megabyte file—or as an iPhone or Android application.

OCT 2011

Posted by Nicole at 12:35 PM EDT

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OnSIP Team Attends Voxeo Customer Summit And Builds OnSIP-Tropo Whisper Application

Rooted heavily in SIP standards and customer service values, Voxeo has been a company we've known about and respected for years. Since it was founded in 1999, Voxeo has been mainly focused on hosted and on-premise based IVR solutions for customers much larger than ours. Likewise, our business rarely intersected with Voxeo’s. However, in 2009, Voxeo launched a new product called Tropo, a cloud-based application platform that makes it easy for web developers to build voice applications using familiar languages. This product is extremely promising for us, and it also gave us a great excuse to head down to Orlando for Voxeo’s Customer Summit. As our customer size is growing, the demand for custom applications is also growing. Tropo presents a good opportunity for us to satisfy that custom application need.

OCT 2011

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Next Agent/Reseller Webinar: Bulk Uploads and other Time-saving Tips

Who wouldn't want to save time doing things that they do everyday?

Our sixth webinar, on Bulk Uploads and other Time-saving Tips will be held on Thursday, October 20, at 2 PM EDT.

Join CEO, Mike Oeth, and Channel Manager, Andy, as they discuss simple yet effective ways to save time while you set up OnSIP for your customers. Our resellers have customers ranging from 5 seats in one location to 200 seats spread throughout field offices. If you handle a wide variety of clients and large numbers of seats, these tips, some of them tested and recommended by other agents, can save you time and effort in every step of the way.

Don't miss this chance to learn how best to streamline and simplify your work. Click on the button below to register.