JAN 2013

Posted by Will at 04:00 PM EST

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WebRTC, SIP, and HTML5: A Brief Introduction

WebRTC. It has certainly generated a lot of interest in the web community. Last month, you may have even caught us saying we believe the browser to be the ultimate destination of SIP communications. And with another Java security flaw being discovered (and patched) this month, the idea of a purely browser-based option is very appealing. So what is this great new technology? It's actually a couple of different HTML5 specifications, each with its own role. Let's take a look.

Note: For the sake of brevity, I have left off the use browser-specific prefixes. Be sure to check resources such as Can I Use... when implementing your web app.

JAN 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 12:49 PM EST

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How To Map 311 With OnSIP

By Samantha Avignone and Mihail Comanescu

If you are an OnSIP customer and have ever tried to dial 311 you may have noticed that the call does not go through. This is because 311 is not a standard emergency service; instead, it's a local routing for your city municipality or a Citizen Service Center. Simply dialing 311 in OnSIP will not result in the expected phone call. However, there is a solution.

As most of you may know, 311 is a non-emergency number used in many communities in both the United States and Canada; several European countries have begun to use 311 as well. It's an all-purpose number allowing residents to obtain non-emergency services instantly in their communities.

JAN 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 01:14 PM EST

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Alarm Grid's Solution to Working Remotely: OnSIP

Alarm Grid has been an OnSIP customer for six months. Check out how OnSIP has been helped them work as a team remotely.

Tell us about Alarm Grid.

Alarm Grid is an alarm monitoring and home security products company. We sell hundreds of products related to security panels, and provide an affordable, no-contract monitoring solution for consumers who are sick of the alternatives.

We're a fairly young company, so luxuries like an office are a little ways away. All of us work remotely, which meant that we needed to find a solution that would allow our team to function as though we were all in the same place.

Describe how your organization was formed.

Alarm Grid was formed as a solution to an industry that hates innovation. As a result of reluctance by the old guard, it became very easy to be "innovative". For example, Alarm Grid offers no-contract alarm monitoring. It's not a complicated innovation, but it is innovative as far as the alarm monitoring industry is concerned. We like it because it keeps us honest. We have to make sure that our level of service is always on the up and up, because our customers make the decision to stay or leave each and every month.

JAN 2013

Posted by Nicole at 05:49 PM EST

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New Year, New OnSIP Pricing

Today marks an exciting day here at OnSIP. In response to lots of feedback over the years, we have just replaced our 4 pricing packages, which were often met with many questions, with 2 simple plans. The biggest change here is that, in addition to a pay-as-you-go plan, we now offer OnSIP at a monthly, per-seat price. Our pricing page has never looked so clean!

If you're a current customer, you are welcome to keep your existing package. If you are just visiting our website for the first time and are in need of a hosted phone system, welcome to a world of simplicity.

New OnSIP Pricing Plans in Summary

OnSIP now offers two pricing plans; a single account can only take advantage of one plan at a time. Choose what best fits your business:

JAN 2013

Posted by Nicole at 07:17 PM EST

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Java "Zero-Day" Security Issue & Oracle's Patch, Java 7u11: Explanation and What It Means for You

Java 7 has recently made the news for security concerns highlighted by the Department of Homeland Security this past Wednesday. Oracle, owners of Java, quickly responded by releasing a Java 7 update yesterday, Sunday, January 13, 2013. Because we use Java in our web application my.OnSIP, we would like to briefly explain what this all means and how it affects you.

What's Java and Which OnSIP Applications Use It?

As you may know, Java is a cross-platform programming language and computing platform that was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and is now provided by Oracle. It's often used in web applications to give the applications more native capability than the browser will allow. A similar and competing alternative is Adobe's Flash.

JAN 2013

Posted by Leo Zheng at 05:35 PM EST

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We're looking to hire a senior Linux systems administrator

This key engineering role is in our downtown Manhattan office. As sysadmin, you'll be responsible for the high availability and total uptime of our product operations. You'll also be responsible for maintaining our applications, servers, and other backend systems.

Our ideal candidate is comfortable with analyzing a problem from different angles and coming up with solutions that balance simplicity and improved performance. You should have a proven track record of working with large implementations of servers and distributed systems. Of course, you're an expert in Linux systems administration. Shell scripting, automation, Python, and Perl come naturally to you. For more details about the job and it's requirements, click through to the full job description.

JAN 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 02:24 PM EST

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OnSIP Marketing Director Nicole Hayward Announced as Women in the Channel Board Member

Established in 2010, Women in the Channel "is a grassroots organization made up of women who are in leadership, ownership, and revenue-generating roles in the alternate sales channel sector of the telecommunications industry. Month after month, [Women in the Channel] are responsible for generating sales for [their] companies."

Nicole Hayward, Marketing Director

With the goal of moving the Women in the Channel (WiC) to the next level, the organization has just released their first year of board members. We at OnSIP are proud to announce that our very own Nicole Hayward has been appointed as Board Member/Committee Chair - Technology of Women in the Channel. Nicole manages the Womeninthechannel.com website, members database, as well as internal communication and web marketing tools.

“I am proud to be a part of an organization that supports women in Telecom, a highly male-dominated field. Women in the Channel is a great outlet for us to network, learn, generate new business, and form friendships in the field. I plan to continue to lend my time and efforts in supporting WiC, and I hope other telecom businesses will consider supporting this constructive and pioneering nonprofit.”-Nicole Hayward

JAN 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 10:39 AM EST

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OnSIP Tips & Tricks: "Find Me, Follow Me" Type Feature

Blog by, Chuck Dunne, member of the OnSIP Sales Team and Samantha Avignone

Whether you're typically in and out of the office, or you just stepped out for the day and want to maintain an "at work" presence, or you're looking to increase your availability, you will enjoy the Find Me Follow Me phone feature. The idea of this feature is to forward your calls from your office phone to different phones until the call reaches you. You'll never miss a call again!

With OnSIP, you can set up the "Find Me Follow Me" behavior by choosing failover destinations for your call in the admin portal. You can keep it simple and after, say, 15 seconds, fail over your office calls directly to your cell phone. Or, you can send the call to as many OnSIP registered devices as you like and finally to an external phone.

JAN 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 03:17 PM EST

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Mihail's Favorite Tech Tools of 2012

Blog by Mihail Comanescu, Software Engineer at OnSIP

Happy New Year. One of the greatest joys of software engineering is that you're constantly discovering and learning about new tools that will enhance your work. I'd like to share a few tools that made my life a little easier this past year.

DEC 2012

Posted by Nicole at 10:53 AM EST

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Keep up the Holiday Cheer with Festive Music on Hold

Some employees may have this entire week off. For those who don't, it's important to keep spreading the holiday cheer so as not to slip into the workplace blues. I suggest bringing festive foods to work, treating yourself a fancy Starbucks holiday drink, and/or buying a boxing day item for 75%+ off during your lunch break. Here's another way to keep the holiday cheer going for people who call you at work: Holiday Music on Hold!


OnSIP Enhanced Music on Hold lets you choose from thousands of streaming Internet radio stations, including holiday stations. Here's how you get started: