SEP 2013

Posted by Nicole at 11:25 AM EDT

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OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome— Now Helps Customer Support Teams with Zendesk

OnSIP is happy to announce the launch of the OnSIP Call Assistant for Google ChromeTM with Zendesk integration. Previously known as the OnSIP Click-To-Call Extension, this new version is such a handy time saver for support staff who use Zendesk, we've decided to give the extension a new name!

Zendesk builds cloud software for better customer service and is used by 30,000 companies worldwide. As any customer support agent knows, the process of creating a help ticket and gathering the initial information from a caller does not take an insignificant amount of time. By automating the ticket generation process, the OnSIP Call Assistant allows customer support staff to focus their time and energy on actual troubleshooting. OnSIP Call Assistant will automatically create Zendesk tickets for inbound support calls, time-stamp the call, and add identifying information to the ticket— including phone number dialed, callback number, and caller ID name.

SEP 2013

Posted by Leo Zheng at 02:39 PM EDT

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Are you on board with Apple Touch ID? (Fingerprint pass in iPhone 5S)

Today Apple unveiled it's new premium iPhone 5S and with it, it's new fingerprint sensor technology, Touch ID. Users will be able to use their fingerprints to unlock their phones and authorize music & application purchases, which is admittedly very cool.

Some of us here at OnSIP can't wait to get our hands on it, but others have their reservations about the long-term implications of using and potentially exposing our unique biometric data in our daily lives.

Here is a quick list of pros and cons we thought up of. We'll start with the pros:

SEP 2013

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 11:22 AM EDT

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OnSIP Welcomes Four Awesome New Employees

It's been a busy summer at OnSIP. We almost forgot to introduce our four new employees who joined us over the past three months. Meet Bryan Wade, Eric Green, James Criscuolo, and Joseph Frazier. We're excited to have them on staff, and we look forward to working with them!

Bryan Wade

Bryan graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. At school, he was highly involved in the hackathon scene. He particularly enjoyed creating hilarious but impractical apps, such as BananaPhone, which pranked called your friends and was controlled by an actual banana. He was also involved in Student Government as a Student Senator and chair of The Activities Board. He's done software development internships at a broad range of companies, such as Microsoft, Fedex, and AT&T. Outside of software development, he enjoys rock climbing, attending and organizing comedy shows, and playing Dance Dance Revolution and eSports (especially Starcraft).

SEP 2013

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 11:33 AM EDT

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OnSIP Tips

AUG 2013

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 12:29 PM EDT

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Pay-As-You-Go and Portability Brought Projector PSA to OnSIP

Projector PSA is an integrated professional services automation solution that provides powerful tools to help manage projects, resources, and finances. Whether a company is struggling with gaining control over their projects, accurately invoicing their clients, or delivering more with less, Projector is the answer. Projector is headquartered in Boston, and has been an OnSIP customer for six years.

AUG 2013

Posted by Tim Cleves at 12:32 PM EDT

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Stories of a SIP Maven: OnSIP's Tim Cleves Relocates to Paris (Part 1 of 3)

At OnSIP we strongly subscribe to the adage "Eating our own dog food." When speaking with a new customer, I always mention the "available everywhere" nature of OnSIP. When using OnSIP, employees can be located anywhere geographically and still be fully connected to the office phone system. I've personally been working remotely for the past 7 years, first in Chicago, and more recently in Victoria, British Columbia. Now I've taken the working remotely concept a bit further, in fact all the way to Paris.

AUG 2013

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 01:10 PM EDT

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Cloud Computing $20 Billion Market by 2016

A new study from 451 Market Monitor predicts that cloud computing could be a $20 billion dollar market by 2016. “Cloud Computing 2013 Overview Report” highlights the revenue projections of 309 cloud service providers and technology vendors. Research shows that revenues will be compounded 30 percent each year for the next three years.

AUG 2013

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 02:38 PM EDT

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OnSIP phone provisioning server now supports all Polycom VVX models

We're happy to announce that our phone provisioning server (or boot server), boot.onsip.com, now supports all Polycom VVX Business Media phones. This includes the VVX 1500, 500, 600, and the newer 300/310s and 400/410s. You can now easily provision all your Polycom VVX phones and get updated firmware right through the OnSIP administrative portal. Click here for more details.

Polycom VVX Business Media Phones
AUG 2013

Posted by Kevin Bartley at 11:42 AM EDT

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Institute for Excellence in Writing Saves $25,000 Over 3.5 Years with OnSIP

The Institute for Excellence in Writing trains teachers how to teach children to express themselves clearly and articulately in writing. The institute's seminars for parents, students, and teachers have helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students' skills. The Institute has been an OnSIP customer for three and a half years and currently has 35 users. Cameron Covey, Manager of Information Systems at the Institute for Excellence in Writing, shares their OnSIP experience.

1) Tell us about the Institute for Excellence in Writing— Please provide a brief history and introduction.

The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is dedicated to training teachers and homeschooling parents so they can teach their students to communicate effectively in school and throughout their lives. We publish language arts curriculum for students from kindergarten up into college. Founded in 1996 by Andrew Pudewa, IEW now serves schools and families throughout North America and around the world.

2) What do you do at the Institute for Excellence in Writing, and what role did you play in choosing a new phone system?

I'm Cameron Covey and I am Manager of Information Systems at the Institute for Excellence in Writing. This entails managing large website development, small internal database applications, and designing/managing the phone systems. I research and compared about 3 systems before deciding OnSIP was for us.

AUG 2013

Posted by Nicole at 04:36 PM EDT

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OnSIP CTO John Riordan Presents on "Geographically Distributed SIP Applications with OnSIP" at ClueCon 2013

We had another great year at ClueCon in Chicago! It was my third time, earning me a ClueCon "Hat Trick" pin. By comparison, Will Mitchell, OnSIP Engineer, picked up his first year "Rookie" pin. I asked the ClueCon Rookie about his first experience at the conference.

"ClueCon was a lot of fun," said Will. "While the days were chock full of dev talks, I think my favorite part was meeting and hanging out with all of the people I only knew before from mailing lists and GitHub comments. It's a really great crowd."

John Riordan, CTO and ClueCon Hat Trick, also enjoyed his time at ClueCon. "Once again ClueCon proved to be an excellent festival of ideas and characters," he described. "A particular highlight for me was once again the evening VoIPSec BoF with Phil Zimmermann, Travis Cross and Alan Johnston."