OCT 2012

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Frankenstorm Sandy Aftermath and Happy Halloween

Image to the right from CNBC

To the many friends of OnSIP who've reached out to see that our company made it through Frankenstorm Sandy: The answer is yes, our employees are accounted for and safe. Our service has been up with little-to-no interruption. And, thankfully due to a UC service we know and love (OnSIP Hosted VoIP), the NYC and NJ office employees who have power have been working from home with their office phones in a browser. Thankfully as well, our PA office was fully operational yesterday, and our remote employees who watched the storm on TV have been available the whole week to help out.

That's not to say it's been easy. Our office headquarters is located in downtown Manhattan across from the New York Stock Exchange. Like the NYSE, the office building has been closed for the past 2 days due to flooding and power outages. We are unsure of whether the office will be operational by the end of the week. Here's a picture taken from our building at 55 Broad St. during the evening of Hurricane Sandy, looking out from the doorway:

OCT 2012

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 09:53 AM EDT

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VoIP Preparedness During the Wrath of “Frankenstorm”

Clorece Kulp, a member of OnSIP's support team, shares with OnSIP customers how to keep your business going during Hurricane Sandy.

Rare is the storm that gets it's name three-days prior to forming, but yet here we are.  While many of us on the East Coast brace for “Frankenstorm” (the merger of Hurricane Sandy and a northern cold front), OnSIP would like to put your mind at ease regarding your phone service. In the event of a power outage there is no need to panic; your phone system is in the Cloud, which means it will still work unlike your former POTS system.

OCT 2012

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We've pushed out fixes to the in-browser phone in My.OnSIP

Our software engineer Oren Forer has been hard at work rebasing the code for the browser-based phone found in our unified communications tool, My.OnSIP. Rebasing, for those of us who aren't programmers, can mean either reorganizing a series of commits ( a commit is any permanent change to the code ) within a branch ( think of streams of code that can be worked on in parallel ) to make it more maintainable, or synchronizing a branch with its master branch in a way that successfully incorporates the changes in both streams in the final product.

OCT 2012

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 01:03 PM EDT

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Working Remotely: Local Presence Through SIP and XMPP Communication

Earlier this week, Tim Cleves, Director of Sales at OnSIP, came across a relatively negative article about working remotely: "Working from home. Out of Sight, Out of Mind". While in some cases the negatives pointed out in this article may be true, e.g. that visibility creates the illusion of value, I believe it depends on the person and even more on the company.

Recently OnSIP's NYC office lost a valued employee to the state of Colorado. Senior Software Engineer Eric Tamme decided to break away from Manhattan commuting and hectic lifestyle and move out West. I shared this article with him and asked if he could tell us about his new life in Colorado and how he still manages to (literally) show up in the NYC office everyday.

OCT 2012

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 06:07 PM EDT

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OnSIP reviews the Panasonic KX-UT670 & KX-UT113

Last week we reviewed two very different phones from Panasonic. The first was the KX-UT670, a high-end, Android 2.2 based executive phone with a gargantuan touch screen display. The model shows a lot of promise, but there are a few issues that will hopefully disappear as the firmware matures.

The second model was the KX-UT113, Panasonic's entry level SIP phone. Though its much smaller screen is limiting, the UT113 is a solid device that delivers excellent voice quality.

OCT 2012

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 05:24 PM EDT

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Sprint StarStar Me: What Do You Think?

This just in: "Sprint customers will now be able to have their own vanity numbers." (CNET)

Sprint has recently unveiled their partnership with Zoove, the exclusive provider of a countrywide directory of vanity mobile numbers ( StarStar Numbers). If you haven't heard of a StarStar number, don't worry you're not alone. StarStar is basically a branded mobile number. It's easier to understand if I just explain to you the process of getting a StarStar number.

OCT 2012

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"OnSIP.com and the Future of the Telephone" - Eli the Computer Guy

Back in July, OnSIP was lucky enough to have Eli Etherton, the man behind the well known YouTube Channel "Eli the Computer Guy", pay us a visit to our NYC office. We were thrilled to have him. Our CTO, John Riordan spent the day showing him around our office and explained to him how OnSIP works.

Check out Eli's most recent video, "OnSIP.com and the Future of the Telephone", ( video shown below ) and don't miss out on the other informative videos from his channel.

OCT 2012

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OCT 2012

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Attn IT Enthusiasts: ITEXPO West Starts Today!

Today, the world's largest communications and technology event returns to Austin, Texas. TMC's ITEXPO West will be held from October 2nd to October 5th at the Austin Convention Center.

On Thursday, October 4th at 3pm, our CEO Mike Oeth (click here for TMC's interview with Mike) will be partaking in a panel discussion on "Calculating the True ROI with VoIP in the Cloud." This panel discussion is part of the Cloud Communications Expo, a collocated event of ITEXPO. The panel will be made up of -- Aron Aidcard, Senior Director of Product Management at Fonality; Michael Timar, VP Product Management, WVT Communications Group at Alteva & USA Datanet; and Dave Michels, Blogolyst at Talking Points. Below is a brief description of the panel discussion:

“Cloudbased phone solutions are generally an attractive choice for growing businesses because of scalability, flexible cost structure, and enhanced features. Typically, fiscal ROI is immediate, for at the onset of adoption of a VoIP system, small business owners find that they save up to 80 percent compared to traditional, analog phone bills. And though a business can operate immediately with a preloaded VoIP system, integrated addon features are often available to suit niche requirements such as call recording, or voicemail transcription. The true ROI of VoIP phone systems moves beyond just a lower monthly bill – cloudbased VoIP technology provides immediate cost savings, allows employees to work faster and smarter through software integrations, saves business owners with preloaded Fortune 500 features, and provides invaluable insights into the analytics of voice traffic.”

OCT 2012

Posted by Leo Zheng at 04:21 PM EDT

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We've added new measures to fight VoIP identity theft

This is a brief update for customers who have Polycom and Yealink phones on their OnSIP phone system. Unfortunately, VoIP fraud is not uncommon. Each year, millions of dollars are lost to fraudulent phone calls.

Today, we're implementing a new setting in your OnSIP admin portal to help fight this growing problem. To understand this setting, you must first understand how common cases of VoIP fraud can happen:

Hackers scan the Internet for VoIP phones' IP addresses; they can successfully find your phone's IP address if it is not behind a NAT. If you have a Polycom or Yealink phone, they can login to its web admin interface using the default admin username and password, extract your SIP credentials, register several phones with them, and start making hundreds of international calls- all on your dime.