FEB 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 02:23 PM EST

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Panasonic dealer Neo Networks finds a "Win, Win" with OnSIP

Panasonic dealer Neo Networks, Inc. is a B2B group located in Norridge, Chicago. Pete Kaldis, founder of Neo Networks, has been in the business for over 20 years now. He took the time to tell us a little about his company and his reselling experience with OnSIP.

In what services does Neo Networks specialize in?

We specialize in installing Panasonic phone systems, network cabeling, background music, general low voltage products, and reselling phone service.

How did Neo Networks get started?

I began installing Panasonic systems and phone wires for my friends in 1985. Shortly after that I started a company called TKO Telecom. I was working as a Product Designer at the time so I did this after hours. In 1995, I hired a friend to help me. I resigned from my job as a Product Designer four years later after receiving two patents and $2 -- one dollar for each patent. I couldn't exactly see myself working for a dollar per patent so in 2004 we moved into Telephony and Networking and rebranded ourselves as Neo Networks, Inc. We now do it all -- or almost all.

FEB 2013

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Channel Partners Conference and Expo Spring 2013 is Next Week! OnSIP to Present and Sponsor at Networking Events

Next Wednesday, February 27th, marks the first day of Channel Partners Conference and Expo. The event is being held in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel and will go until Friday, March 1st. More than 3,000 channel partners are expected to attend this year. For all you IT and Telecom Channels, this is a must-go event; it is the perfect opportunity to build relationships with other members of the community and to learn about all the latest and greatest innovations in telecommunications.

Mike Oeth, CEO, Andy Ogg, OnSIP Channel Manager, Rob Wolpov, President, and Nicole Hayward, Director of Marketing and Demand Generation will be representing OnSIP in our third year at Channel Partners. We have the pleasure of not only getting to kickstart the event with a Women in the Channel Networking Mixer, but also sponsoring and presenting at the Selling Techniques Networking Luncheon.

FEB 2013

Posted by Nicole at 02:05 PM EST

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OnSIP Announced as Panasonic SIP Hosted Preferred Partner

We are proud to announce this week an exciting partnership with Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. Panasonic has chosen OnSIP as one of two SIP Hosting Preferred Partners to pair with their quality SIP phones and deliver complete hosted PBX solutions to businesses. A world-wide leader in small business telephone systems, Panasonic offers a selection of SIP phones that we at OnSIP have reviewed and now support on our provisioning server.

As stated in this week's press release, "This alliance brings together Panasonic’s award-winning SIP phones and its extensive reseller network with service and support from Jive and OnSIP to provide customers with reliable, affordable hosted phone solutions, including predictable costs, flexibility, support for multi-site and remote workers, and rich feature and applications suites. Additionally, customers with tight budgets who prefer to pay operational expenses on a monthly basis can take advantage of a hosted PBX service’s ability to provide lower upfront costs and the flexibility to add and remove users, as needed. Utilizing Panasonic authorized Business Telephony Systems (BTS) resellers, end users will receive on-site support during installation as well as ongoing support and expertise for their business telephone solutions."

FEB 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 01:09 PM EST

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Follow Up: OnSIP at TCEA 2013 convention and exposition with agent LiveAir Networks

OnSIP Channel Manager Andy Ogg recently attended the TCEA 2013 Convention & Expo in Austin, Texas. Andy shares with us his experience.

For three days, the TCEA convention floor was buzzing with excitement as both solutions providers and content providers educated decision makers from the dozens of school districts eager to get their hands on new technologies..

OnSIP and LiveAir Networks co-sponsored a booth together at the convention. We presented a whole host of solutions centering around bandwidth, Wi-Fi, networking, and of course, voice.

The IT directors we spoke with seemed most impressed by 2 aspects of our combined offerings. The first was the ease of use; it's no secret that OnSIP is easier to deploy and maintain than traditional PBX systems. One of the highlights was seeing the response when people realized that they could configure their phones with just MAC addresses and their web browser. Our price point was also a shock to some; LiveAir Networks can bill under E-rate so combining OnSIP and LiveAir's data solutions is incredibly cost effective.

Our booth at TCEA 2013

During the convention I was able to accomplish my two main goals: learning about what is important for IT directors working in education and developing relationships with these decision makers. Schools have strict budgets, but need up-to-date technology for more effective ways to communicate just like any other business client. In my humble opinion, OnSIP's easy of use + LiveAir was a great fit.

I would definitely recommend the TCEA Convention & Expo to anyone interested in bringing innovative technologies into the classroom. Hopefully I will see some of you there next year for TCEA 2014.

FEB 2013

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JAN 2013

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Recap: OnSIP Presents at NYC Telephony Hackers Meetup

Earlier this week, CTO John Riordan and Software Engineer Will Mitchell attended the NYC Telephony Hackers Meetup to demonstrate and discuss OnSIP’s three APIs.

Written By Will Mitchell

Monday night John Riordan and I went to the Rain Agency, located in NYC, to attend the Telephony Hackers Meetup. This was the third of the monthly meetups and my first time attending. Organizer Doug Crescenzi did a great job with the event, attracting about 15 people to discuss telephony APIs and share in some pizza and beer.

JAN 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 09:33 AM EST

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If You Love Your Phone System, Don't Keep it a Secret. OnSIP Has a New Referral Program!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, OnSIP has found a great way for you to spread the love in just a few simple clicks. Our new referral program allows you to share the cloud-based phone system you have come to know and love with others. To show our gratitude, we will give you $250 in credit for every business of 5 or more employees that becomes a customer of OnSIP.

Follow these steps
Now that I've got your attention, here are the steps to follow to participate:
JAN 2013

Posted by Nicole at 01:14 PM EST

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NYC Telephony Hacker Meetup & Friday Funny: OnSIP CTO Applies for Voxeo Barista Position

We heard that Voxeo, a communications company that helps customers integrate, deploy and manage custom contact center applications, is seeking a barista for their Orlando office. As a business communications company also amped up on open standards and caffeine, we believe it is important to help fulfill this role. We know just the person for the job.

Name: John Riordan, CTO of OnSIP


  • CTO of VoIP Company (5 years)
  • CTO of ISP (5 years)
  • No professional barista experience, but makes a good cappuccino with above-amateur foam art and has experience with the Voxeo coffee equipment (see images below from Voxeo's Partner Summit 2011 )
JAN 2013

Posted by Will at 04:00 PM EST

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WebRTC, SIP, and HTML5: A Brief Introduction

WebRTC. It has certainly generated a lot of interest in the web community. Last month, you may have even caught us saying we believe the browser to be the ultimate destination of SIP communications. And with another Java security flaw being discovered (and patched) this month, the idea of a purely browser-based option is very appealing. So what is this great new technology? It's actually a couple of different HTML5 specifications, each with its own role. Let's take a look.

Note: For the sake of brevity, I have left off the use browser-specific prefixes. Be sure to check resources such as Can I Use... when implementing your web app.

JAN 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 12:49 PM EST

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How To Map 311 With OnSIP

By Samantha Avignone and Mihail Comanescu

If you are an OnSIP customer and have ever tried to dial 311 you may have noticed that the call does not go through. This is because 311 is not a standard emergency service; instead, it's a local routing for your city municipality or a Citizen Service Center. Simply dialing 311 in OnSIP will not result in the expected phone call. However, there is a solution.

As most of you may know, 311 is a non-emergency number used in many communities in both the United States and Canada; several European countries have begun to use 311 as well. It's an all-purpose number allowing residents to obtain non-emergency services instantly in their communities.