APR 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 01:10 PM EDT

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"OnSIP stood out from the crowd" - Gavin Keiner, Sessions College for Professional Design

Gavin Keiner, Director of Operations at three year OnSIP customer Sessions College for Professional Design tells us why OnSIP works for them.

What is Sessions College?


Sessions College is a fully online school of visual arts offering degree and certificate programs in graphic design, web design, digital media, and more. Founded in New York in 1997, the company is now headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Thousands of students in the United States and abroad use Sessions College programs to earn credentials and gain the professional skills and portfolios required for careers in creative arts.

APR 2013

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OnSIP at New York Cares Day Spring: The Second Time Around

Every April, thousands of volunteers come together and give back to the community on New York Cares Day Spring, a one-day, citywide effort to clean up New York City's green spaces. It's estimated that the work completed by volunteers on this day alone would take city staff over 9 years (!!!) to complete on their own. NY Cares Day Spring 2013 will take place on April 20th.

New York Cares Logo

On the last NY Cares Day Spring, a small group from OnSIP participated in the clean up of the Bartow-Pell Mansion. The team spent the day mulching, painting, clearing, and planting, and left the historical landmark better than they found it.

APR 2013

Posted by Nicole at 03:42 PM EDT

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Tip for Our OnSIP Agents: Free Webinar Series "More Telecom Clients Through Social Media" Begins Tomorrow

In a time where 90% of tech marketers are maintaining a business presence on Facebook and Twitter , we ask our agents: Are you drumming up revenue using these tools?

If you're not, we can understand why— Making social media work for your business can be a real challenge, and not to mention time consuming. That's why we'd like to recommend to you a free webinar series by a Mojo Marketing, a marketing firm that specializes in telecom clients from the agent to the service provider:

APR 2013

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The secret to great customer support is great customers

As a business VoIP provider that doesn't partake in the age-old practice of locking in clients with year-long contracts or phones that only work with our service, we know that our customer support makes or breaks us. We bet on trust to keep our customers around. Trust in our recommendations, trust in our product, and trust in our people.

Thankfully, we have an extraordinary Customer Success team that strives to go above and beyond the call of duty each and every day:

MAR 2013

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Welcoming Kamran Raja to Team OnSIP

Our team continues to grow. We are excited to announce that Kamran Raja has joined the engineering group as our new senior sys admin.

Kamran brings to the group his varied experiences in applied technologies. His background includes work in medical imaging, data analytics, high-performance FI/FX reporting, and e-commerce. Kamran first knowingly used Voice over IP back in 1999 to better communicate with his teammates in Starcraft matches.

We're looking forward to utilizing Kamran's systems administration expertise to build and scale the rock-solid infrastructure needed for a phenomenal end user experience. Welcome aboard, Kamran!

MAR 2013

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Halloween specialists, FrightProps, needed a phone system that was "flexible and easily modular".

It's never too early to start planning for Halloween. OnSIP customer FrightProps, is a one-stop shop for all your Halloween needs and wants all year round. You can get anything from props, to pneumatics, to audio/video, anything you could possibly imagine!

Doug Anderson, Owner at FrightProps, shared his thoughts on OnSIP with us.

What is FrightProps?

FrightProps is the #1 online retailer for serious Halloween accessories. We supply professional haunted houses and Halloween enthusiasts around the world with products they need to create incredible props and attractions!

We're located just outside downtown Minneapolis, MN. All of our employees work at this location, which features a front office, fabrication area and storage warehouse.

MAR 2013

Posted by Leo Zheng at 03:51 PM EDT

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The newest member of OnSIP: Don Mancuso, Inbound Sales Representative

We're excited to have Don as the newest member of our sales group. He brings to the team over 14 years of experience in business development and sales management. Before OnSIP, Don did sales and marketing at a venture backed firm specializing in web development, worked in digital and print advertising, and helped secure millions in revenue at a wholesale car warranty company by managing a team of over 20 sales representatives.

We're consultative sellers. Our goal is to diagnose your business communications symptoms and determine if OnSIP is the right medicine, so to speak. At the same time - if we want to be effective - we have to also tell a story, and a convincing one at that. Who better to do this than a storyteller?

Having studied Shakespeare, Philosophy, and English in school, Don's passions include acting and writing. He crafts short stories, can be seen in numerous T.V. commercials, and even has a history in off-Broadway shows.

With Don on our team, we will be much better equipped to turn inbound leads into happy customers. He will be working out of our New York office. Welcome aboard, Don!

We are still looking for a marketing and PR coordinator. Please see the job posting.

MAR 2013

Posted by Nicole at 07:48 AM EDT

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Genius on Hold Opens Today— I May Have Just Made Your Friday Night Plans

Telephony Geeks, Patent Enthusiasts, History Buffs, and General Appreciators of All Things Cool: I may have just made your Friday night plans.

Did you know the man who patented the speakerphone, direct dialing, voice-activated calling, call forwarding, and conference calling, and 34 more telecom-related inventions was never paid royalties and turned mobster, wanted by FBI? The story of Walter L. Shaw, Genius on Hold, was released March 1st and opens in theaters tonight.

MAR 2013

Posted by Samantha Avignone at 04:47 PM EDT

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Coast Personnel Services on how OnSIP helps their recruiting business operate in a volatile job market

Coast Personnel Services subscribed to OnSIP back in 2011 after several months of trying out different hosted VoIP providers. In an interview with OnSIP, Morgan Foust, IT Manager at Coast Personnel, explains to us why they chose us as their provider.

Describe what Coast Personnel Services is.


Coast Personnel Services is a staffing company with clients across the United States. Our services include recruiting direct hires, payroll for long-term & short-term employees, on-site personnel management, and temporary employee placement.

We currently have three traditional fully-staffed offices. Our corporate headquarters are located in Santa Clara, CA and our two branch locations are in Plano, TX and Huntsville, AL. We also have mobile salespeople and on-site recruiters supporting customers in locations as diverse as Santa Cruz, CA, El Paso, TX, and Charlotte, NC. We literally have people working on every coast.

MAR 2013

Posted by Leo Zheng at 06:13 PM EST

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Polycom impresses with their VVX 600 Business Media Phone

With their recent unveiling of the entry level VVX 300, mid level VVX 400, and two VVX expansion modules, Polycom seems well positioned to satisfy the growing demand for desktop phone solutions which offer more than just great audio quality with what is now a comprehensive line of business media phones.

This week, we took a quick look at the Polycom VVX 600 Business Media Phone, the upgraded version of the smaller VVX 500.

In short, the VVX 600 offered a more enjoyable user experience with its wider 4.3" TFT capacitative touch-screen display. The 600 also includes integrated Bluetooth support, which was missing from the 500. We were able to easily pair the phone with a Plantronics Bluetooth headset in just a few seconds.

Click here for the full write-up.