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Cortelco Business Phones: 5 Of the Best and Most Affordable

by Kevin Bartley

We give an overview of the top Cortelco Business Phones on the market, judging by price and features.

Published: December 7, 2015

Cortelco produces some of the leading business phones on the market, with an eye toward reasonable price points. The company has been operating in some form for over 100 years, dating back to the founding of the Kellogg Switch and Supply Company in 1897. 

Today, Cortelco sells desk phones of all varieties, and is considered one of the top VoIP phone providers in North America. Here's a rundown of some of its greatest phones, along with their price points and brief assessments.

(And here's how to setup Cortelco Business Phones from the OnSIP Knowledgebase).

Cortelco C56

Price: $48.22

The Cortelco C56, the company's most basic entry level phone, is known for its bare bones functionality. The phone comes with 2 SIP accounts, HD voice capabilities, PoE support, MWI support, and 4 programmable DSS keys. This is another way of saying that the phone is basically just designed to make simple voice calls. Anyone looking for a simple SIP phone at a good price should seek out the Cortelco C56.

Cortelco 8015

Price: $62.72


Cortelco's cordless phone solution is ideal for users who do not want to be tethered to a desk phone. The Cortelco 8015 is run on DECT 6 Technology, with a 128 x 64 Dot Matrix LCD Display, Speakerphone, a phonebook with up to 50 entries, and Mute, Redial, Flash, and Pause functionality. The Cortelco 8015 might not be as capable as the Panasonic KX-TGP600, but Cortelco is not trying to produce the most technically superior products on the market. It simply wants to manufacture decent phones at low costs.

Cortelco C62 

Price: $70.24

The Cortelco C62 is a 4 line executive IP phone. The C62 comes with 4 SIP accounts, 8 lighted programmable DSS keys, 5 navigation buttons, HD Voice capabilities, an RJ9 Headset jack, and Busy Lamp Field capabilities. According to our review of the device, the C62 is perfect for those who want a no frills device that might not be the most aesthetically appealing, but can hold its own with the best executive class business phones on the market.

Cortelco 1220

Price: $72.65


The Cortelco 1220 is a mid range business phone that comes jam packed with features. The phone offers Caller ID/Call Waiting (Memory for 50 Calls), wide angel adjustable LCD, voice mail indication (FSK/Stutter/90V/24V), on hook pre-dial, Directory Button (Save up to 99 names and numbers), and Programmable Flash Time (100/120/300/600 mSec). This phone offers the same features as phones that cost twice as much. 

Cortelco CP4400

Price: $179.99


The Cortelco CP4400 is a full duplex conference phone that keeps up with the best in the business, all while coming in at a lower cost. The phone comes with Full Duplex Conversation, LCD with Caller ID (type 1), Hi-Fidelity Audio Amplifier, DSP Line Echo Cancellation, and Bi-Directional Noise Suppression. The Cortelco CP4400 will make a great addition to any room that handles a sizable company meeting. 

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