Bria iPhone (v1.1.0)

Bria for iPhone is probably one of the first mobile VoIP soft phones designed specifically with the business user in mind.
Last updated: July 11, 2015

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Quick Specs

  • Call history, Contacts
  • Multiple Call Support
  • Network Traversal - STUN & ICE, Global IP Support
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Supports 8 simultaneous SIP accounts


  • Added support for 8 simultaneous account registrations
  • iOS4 Multitasking support & Background wakeup on incoming calls


  • None!

New Features

Bria for IPhone version 1.1.0 adds iOS4 multitasking and the inclusion of multiple accounts to the feature list. iOS4 multitasking allows users to receive calls with the application running in the background. It also allows users to remain on a call while browsing their other apps, which might come in handy at times.

Background wakeup works very well in the new version. When someone calls, a notification pops up with the caller ID information. I can either view and answer the call or choose to ignore it. A notification will also pop up if I happen to miss a call. When I click out of the application during a call to reference other apps, a blinking red 'Bria' band appears at the top of the screen. Tapping on this band will take me back into the application.

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Version 1.1.0 supports up to 8 simultaneous account registrations, each with their own customizable dial plans.

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Current Bria for iPhone users will get these new features in the automatic update.