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Customer Service - A Key Business VoIP Differentiator

by OnSIP

It's important to choose a business VoIP provider that has outstanding customer service—it shows that they invest time and effort into their customer relationships.

Customer Service Built for Business VoIP

Customer service is an important topic in the business VoIP world. Every organization will proudly point out that it is dedicated to offering the highest quality service, and business schools devote entire courses to it. Nevertheless, there are many business VoIP companies who treat their customer service departments like afterthoughts, and users dread the thought of contacting them.

Investing in customer service makes sense for business VoIP providers that want to foster a reputation as a responsive and compassionate service provider. This pays off in the long run in terms of public image and customer satisfaction. In practice, users with negative customer service experiences are much more likely to comment on online message boards than users who have positive stories. It is also more expensive to attract new subscribers than to retain existing clients. As an operating reality, it is advantageous for business VoIP providers to offer excellent customer service to attract valuable clients.

Three Advantages to Superior Business VoIP Customer Service

This maxim is most apparent when it comes to business VoIP vendors. When almost every other vendor is offering a similar set of features at practically the same price, customer service can be an excellent differentiator for business VoIP providers who are looking to stand out. Making a substantial investment in improving customer service has at least three distinct benefits.

  • Retain existing users, even through difficult times.
  • Attract new ones through word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Reduce funds spent on advertising, publicity, and other promotional material and focus on core business processes.

Customer Service for Business VoIP Providers Builds Trust Among Customers

A business VoIP provider offering many features for low prices will still lose business if its customer service is below par. Continuity is important for every organization, and its communication system is the backbone on which other processes depend. When a business VoIP system goes down, clients judge the service provider positively if the crisis is speedily mitigated.

For example, a business VoIP provider may run into issues during regular server maintenance that causes interruptions in phone service for clients. In such situations, each business VoIP provider will have a technical team attempting to rectify the issue as soon as possible. However, a responsive support team that communicates frequently with affected clients is likely to make the difference between winning or losing overall customer satisfaction.

Customer service is a key indicator of a business VoIP company's healthy and trusting relationship with clients. Business VoIP companies that hope to distinguish themselves from the fray of other providers should consider efforts to enhance the experience of clients who need support.

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