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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: The SIP School Teaches by Doing

by OnSIP

By partnering with OnSIP and leveraging our API, the SIP School provides each student with a SIP address on thesipschool.com domain.

As the provider of the global standard in SIP training and the issuing authority of the widely endorsed SSCA® certification, The SIP School has taught thousands of employees in the telecommunications industry how to better support their clients, products and services. Typically, the organization encourages its students to register with free SIP providers to try real-world SIP solutions.As of January 2012, the SIP School is now offering another option to its students. By partnering with OnSIP and leveraging our API, the SIP School can now provide each student with a SIP address on thesipschool.com domain. Along with offering business-grade hosted phone service, OnSIP also offers SIP hosting—anyone can sign up for an OnSIP account and take advantage of free SIP addresses, free SIP domain hosting, and free SIP calling using their own domain.

“OnSIP is offering a fantastic service that we wanted to make available to our students to help them in their SIP studies,” said Graham Francis, CEO of the SIP School. “We provisioned thousands of existing student accounts using the OnSIP API, and every new student that signs up for training from now will automatically get their new SIP account provisioned for them again via the API. OnSIP made it really easy for us to do this, and it’s a service we recommend highly.”

SIP Hosting

OnSIP originally began supporting SIP domain hosting to encourage customers to simplify communications and boost corporate branding by creating SIP addresses for employees that matched their email addresses. When someone signs up for an OnSIP account, the SIP address he or she receives will default to a private sub-domain and will look like this: user@example.onsip.com. For free, this SIP address can be migrated from the user's default sub-domain to the actual domain of his or her company so that it will instead look like user@example.com, which could very well be identical to his or her email address.

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