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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Sonatype

by OnSIP

With a geographically diverse and functionally advanced user base, Sonatype knew it needed a robust but flexible service provider.

Sonatype is a pioneer in component-based software development committed to securing the software supply chain. They also maintain the Central Repository, the default repository for Apache Maven, SBT, and other build systems that can be easily used from Apache Ant/Ivy.

With a geographically diverse user base, Sonatype relies on the power of OnSIP's distributed platform to connect its workers. We recently interviewed Technical Operations Lead Jason Swank on what Sonatype's past year with OnSIP has been like.

Company on the Software Frontier Chose OnSIP

Jason explained the complexities tied to explosive growth in component-based development. Sonatype provides the necessary tools for keeping up with the pace of modern software development without sacrificing security. They partnered with developers, security professionals, and the open source community to develop management, organizational, and security tools. Through native integration of Sonatype’s Component Lifecycle Management (CLM), a custom-designed application security platform, developers find and remove vulnerabilities early on, rather than dealing with “fix” costs in later stages of development. CLM also helps organizations get a comprehensive inventory of their components to understand and track their usage.

Sonatype was no stranger to VoIP when it came to OnSIP in 2012. "We were on a cloud-hosted SIP-based PBX before OnSIP," says Jason. "Our decision to leave this provider was based on the burdensome maintenance and troubleshooting requirements of this system."

The decision to switch to OnSIP came after a firsthand experience with our service. "I had been aware of OnSIP for a long time, and I had used it personally before making the decision. It seemed like a more robust and reliable alternative to the service we were using."

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Cloud Phone Selection

Geographic flexibility was a key requirement for Sonatype's prospective phone system. "We currently have 70 devices," Jason says. "Our company is largely distributed, and only 30 percent of our workers are in our main office regularly. Every employee (remote or otherwise) is issued a device."

“Our newer devices are Cisco SPA 504G. Our older devices are generally Cisco SPA 303. We also have some Linksys SPA94x models and a Polycom SoundStation IP 6000.”

Favorite OnSIP Features

When asked for a favorite feature, Jason picked several. "There are many great features: automated provisioning of devices, multiple devices/extension, voicemail-to-email conversion, ability to flexibly map extensions to external SIP, phone numbers, and call groups."

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