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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Handling Rapid Growth with MentorMate

by OnSIP

MentorMate wanted a versatile phone system that would accommodate the company's rapid growth.

Founded in 2001, MentorMate is a Minneapolis-based IT solutions company specializing in full-scale mobile and web application development. By focusing directly on the business needs of the user, MentorMate has become one of Minnesota’s fastest-growing tech companies in the past decade.

MentorMate has been an OnSIP customer for about six months now. Inbound Marketing Specialist Ryan Fortune took time out of his day to tell us about what they think of OnSIP so far.

VoIP Veterans Switch to OnSIP

MentorMate was an old veteran of VoIP before it came to OnSIP. “We used a service called FreePBX for about two years before switching to OnSIP,” says Ryan. After its team grew from 45 employees to more than 160 in the span of two years, MentorMate was forced to reevaluate the efficiency and capacity of their VoIP network.

“Our previous service couldn’t effectively handle the increase,” Ryan says. OnSIP’s technical flexibility coupled with its pay-as-you-go payment plan made it a clear choice for MentorMate’s growing workforce.

“The service was incredibly easy to set up for individual lines,” Ryan says. “In addition to that, OnSIP customer service is phenomenal. Everyone is professional, helpful, and easy to work with.”

MentorMate uses Polycom 331s for individual lines and Polycom Soundpoint IP 5000s for conference rooms.

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Reaching Goals With OnSIP’s Excellent Service

Going forward, MentorMate anticipates that its business will continue to prosper. Its goal is to become the most successful and dynamic custom software development company in Minnesota. As MentorMate continues to expand, OnSIP will be there to accommodate its increased workforce. “We now operate out of four different offices, three of them on a separate continent, and ensuring high-quality and reliable communication is essential,” Ryan says. “OnSIP helps us meet our communication goals with their excellent service.”

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