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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Dobin Law Group

by OnSIP

Dobin Law Group needed a hosted PBX solution that could connect lawyers to clients instantly and efficiently.

First formed in 2008, Dobin Law Group, P.A., emerged as a two-lawyer practice in January 2010. The Palm Beach County, Florida, law firm specializes in securities and commercial litigation. Most of its practice deals with dispute resolution, arbitration, and court litigation. They came to OnSIP for our business telephone service.

Founder Marc Dobin has been practicing law for almost 30 years. We recently interviewed him to see what his experience with InstaCall, OnSIP's instant in-browser solution for voice and video calls, has been like.

Finding the Right Business VoIP Fit

After deciding that he wanted to take advantage of newer technologies without the hassle of managing equipment on his own, Marc looked into cloud-based business VoIP services. He bypassed 8x8, noting that he wasn’t particularly looking forward to dealing with salespeople. He passed on Hostmycalls, as some of the finer details were a bit…cloudy. Finally, he found OnSIP. 

"I ultimately decided that OnSIP was the right fit as far as price and features go," Marc says. "I am certain that we have saved a ton of money. OnSIP is much more cost effective than any wireline or VoIP service I've encountered."

VoIP Phones and Free Features

Marc estimates that his bill was cut in half with OnSIP over the phone system he had in his previous office. He appreciates many free features included with OnSIP, such as voicemail to email, call forwarding to external numbers (like his cell phone), and being able to use his OnSIP phone system wherever there’s an Internet connection.

"How many data and communications lines do I have coming into my office? One. No telephone spaghetti, no network interconnect device. Just a simple Internet connection and cloud-based web interface."

OnSIP: Where Technical Innovation Meets CPaaS

The firm prides itself on its technological edge and seeks to find the most efficient ways to accomplish business-related tasks. They came to InstaCall because they wanted a seamless and cost-effective way to reach their clients. "We are hopeful that clients will appreciate the ability to engage in a 'one-click' call," Marc says. "We also think it would be helpful to overseas clients who could use it to call the States at no charge to them or us. We want this to be an example of how advanced a two-lawyer law firm can be."

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Dobin Law Group has placed the InstaCall button on its main website under the attorney bio pages. "Think of the possibilities of having a direct connection to a lawyer or a staff member without having to engage in a lengthy chat in a window," Marc says. "One click, and a call is initiated. I think this technology is very cool."

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