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OnSIP Customer Testimonial: Engineered Security Solution

by Joe DeBari

Dave Klepp is a longtime OnSIP customer. As a consultant in the security industry, he values open and reliable communication with his customers.

The last solution you will need, not just another in a sequence of throwaway solutions that accomplish little.”

That’s one of the core values Dave Klepp, the founder and owner of Engineered Security Solution, instills into his company. By building a solution that strives to be the last one that his clients will ever use, he’s setting his company up for success in the security industry.

In this customer spotlight, we explore how OnSIP's products and services have helped Dave throughout his personal journey as a business owner, from SIP trunking to InstaCall.

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Dave and OnSIP CEO Mike Oeth discuss SMB tools

Owning a Business is a Roller Coaster Journey

Dave has worked in technology since 1990, with 13 years in telecom and the last 12 years in security. His specialty is engineering an active crime defense solution that detects and rapidly defends against crimes, as opposed to the passive alarm and camera systems that are traditionally installed. He is skilled in integrating and deploying most physical security technologies. He works with clients across various industries - residential, commercial, and government / law enforcement - to address their particular security system needs.

His first company was hit hard by the recession, and his business dried up to just projects backed by the Federal government. Dave started his own consulting firm to utilize his insights to help customers find the most appropriate solutions and save money.

Rather than selling a 'one-size-fits-all' product, Dave focuses on helping his clients implement an active solution that is highly effective in defending against crime. One of his top priorities is keeping an open line of communication between the company and customers at all times.

Choosing a Business Phone System

Dave performed his own research online when it came time to choose a business phone system in the mid 2000's. At the time, business VoIP was still in its infancy. Some companies provided hosted phone services (where the provider stores the PBX - Private Branch Exchange - equipment at their location), while others offered a hybrid phone system (where the customer uses VoIP to transmit their phone calls, but stores the PBX on-site).

At the time, Dave settled on an in-house hybrid product and used OnSIP's SIP trunking service to handle his calls. Unfortunately, the product was still relatively new and not very stable. When his in-house product crashed, he made the switch to OnSIP's hosted phone service and has used it ever since.

Providing Personal Service On the Go

As a consulting firm, Engineered Security Solution is mobile and flexible. Dave & his team frequently work away from their desks. OnSIP's multi-platform compatibility allows him to keep up the pace and make instant changes in the Admin Portal on any device. ESS consultants also use a variety of phones, since OnSIP's boot server supports all IP phones that adhere to the SIP protocol. His employees have the option to use desk phones, browser-based webphones like the OnSIP app, or softphone apps to handle work calls.

Dave also recently started using InstaCall and the Professional Call Link to give his customers another way to reach him personally. By clicking on this unique link, clients are directed to a webpage where they can voice or video call Dave for free, over the Internet. This cuts out the step of dialing a phone number or even picking up a phone handset.

InstaCall button on the Engineered Security Solution website
The InstaCall button and Professional Call Link on homepage

“Clients want to talk to a live person quickly rather than sort through an attendant menu,” notes Dave. By adding a click-to-call button on his website, he hopes to make it even easier for customers to contact him. Video calling also allows him to provide a more personalized level of customer service, building trust and friendship with his clients in the process.

"The aspect of OnSIP that I appreciate the most is the quality of support AND true interest in helping me grow my business. A great example is your Tech support explaining how InstaCall can help my business, even though I called in on a different topic. Most companies lose sight of the fact that good support is what originally made them successful. You then get the kind of support and lack of incentive to help that big Telecom companies are notorious for.”

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We're so happy to call Dave a customer for almost 10 years now. We can't wait to share new features with him so that he can provide his customers with an even better experience in the future. We hope that OnSIP will be the last phone system that his company ever needs!

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