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OnSIP Call Assistant Highlighted at NYC Zendesk User Group

by Kevin Bartley

The New York City Zendesk User Group held its latest meetup Tuesday. OnSIP's Larry Browne presented the OnSIP Call Assistant with Zendesk integration.

Published: November 1, 2013

The New York City Zendesk User Group held its latest meet up Tuesday, and our very own Larry Browne, OnSIP Customer Success Team Leader, presented the OnSIP Call Assistant with Zendesk integration.

Larry Browne, OnSIP Customer Success Team Leader, leads a presentation on OnSIP Call Assistant with Zendesk


Adding to the excitement of the evening, Pivotal Labs, an OnSIP customer that partners with clients to develop software that runs the world's most innovative business platforms, hosted the event. We were happy to see their impressive office— especially the regulation ping pong table. To kick the evening off, Zendesk provided dinner and drinks and Zendesk customers talked about how to maximize their experience with the customer service software.

When Larry took the stage, he gave a step-by-step presentation on how OnSIP came to architect our Call Assistant extension for Zendesk. It all began when the OnSIP Customer Success Team identified areas for improvement while answering and recording a support call: time it takes to create a ticket, harvesting data from calls, and call reporting accuracy (e.g. time of call). The solution, OnSIP Call Assistant, tackled these issues by ensuring automatic ticket creation, accurate time of call received, populating call data before initiating the support call, instant ticket number for customer, ticket assigned to agent answering, and lookup of inbound number against Zendesk user contact record.

OnSIP Call Assistant for Zendesk automates the task of ticket creation


"It was nice to showcase OnSIP Call Assistant to the Zendesk community," said OnSIP Project Manager Jason Salsiccia. "I think Larry clearly demonstrated its value. Hearing people's feedback presented some interesting ideas on what we might be able to accomplish down the road."

The OnSIP Customer Success Team has already saved a significant amount of time by implementing OnSIP Call Assistant. By eliminating the mundane tasks behind ticket creation, OnSIP Call Assistant allows for our Success Team to focus on what really matters— helping customers solve their problems. This is the kind of innovation that the New York City Zendesk User Group wants to highlight, and our own staff came away energized and looking for more ways to contribute to the community.

"I enjoyed it a lot," said Larry. "I'm a ham, so I love talking to groups. I've been to other user group meetings over the years and have always come away from them with ideas and energy for new challenges."


Oren and Jason enjoy Pivotal Labs' regulation size ping pong table