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Introducing the Redesigned OnSIP App!

by Margaret Joy

We've redesigned the OnSIP app to make the user experience clean and modern, helping you spend less time looking for tools and more time communicating.

Published: June 4, 2019

Notice something different about the OnSIP app? We’ve redesigned the app, improved its functionality, and included a brand refresh while we were at it! Who doesn’t love a new coat of paint?

Our New Approach

Over the years, we’ve added so many features to our app that we felt it was time to step back and take a proper look at its overall design and user experience. People truly use the OnSIP app all day, every day, so we focused on ease of use and accessibility, leading to the modern, clean design, paired with a fresh color scheme, that you see today. (Download the updated app.)

Speaking of communicating with modern software, we timed this release to coincide with our ongoing sayso rollout. If you haven’t yet heard, sayso is a button you can place on your website for an instant voice or video connection with your customers. This real-time communication solution bridges the gap between people visiting your website and wanting to talk to you—it streamlines your communications and creates a better experience for your customers. Now we’ve redesigned our app to streamline and improve your experience as an OnSIP customer.

Exciting New Features

We added some shiny new toys—ahem, we mean tools—to improve your workflow within the OnSIP app:

  • Improved search functionality: Search your list of contacts in the sidebar, as well as your recent call history and voicemails by both name or number.
  • User-friendly multi-call controls: Control simultaneous active and held calls right in the sidebar, with mute, end call, transfer, and volume all easily accessible.
  • Accessibility improvements: We combed the app to ensure that our buttons play well with screen readers. We have many goals for app accessibility and continue to make strides toward a fully inclusive experience.

Added Feature Functionality

Besides the new features, mentioned above, we tinkered with the functionality of some old favorites. Check out the improvements below:

  • View your entire call dashboard at a glance: You can now view your contacts, recent call history, voicemails, and voicemail settings right on the same screen.
  • Start a video conference instantly: The video conferencing button is now conveniently located in the left-hand sidebar, in the drop-down to the right of Start New Call.
  • Enjoy new main menu options: Admins can access Team Page and sayso settings right from the main menu.
  • Experience intuitive profile and app setting placement: To make changes to your profile or adjust your app settings, simply click on your avatar in the top right corner of your screen. This is also where you'll find the link to log out of the app.
  • Explore the new queue dashboard: Queue supervisors can now see both queue status and queue reports displayed on the Queue Dashboard page. To generate a report, simply click View Reports near the top of the page.

We hope that you enjoy the redesign! If you have any questions, our Knowledgebase and release notes can help you navigate the changes.