VoIPReview: OnSIP Brings Innovative Free Plan to Voice Space

First posted on VoIPReview.org - January 23, 2017

When a product or service is marketed as "free", oftentimes there is a catch involved. But OnSIP, a real-time communications (RTC) provider, is working on debunking that notion. A trusted provider of business communication solutions, OnSIP lets organizations move their calling and other communication needs to the web -- all at no cost! How? Through their new Free Plan. Launched in September of 2016, OnSIP’s Free Plan is a 100% web-based voice, video, and messaging solution for teams.

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Daily Cloud: An Offer You Can't Refuse

First posted on DailyCloud.info - October 14, 2016

Last month, OnSIP launched a free voice calling service aimed at small businesses with up to 100 users. The service is free. What’s the catch? Users can only call each other or use SIP addresses and personal call links to reach outside contacts. However, users can add full PSTN access and call any phone number anywhere in the world at a starting price of just $49.95 a month, for the whole company. It’s an attractive offer for businesses that want to stick a toe into the VOIP/unified communications world and try it out.

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Unified Communications: Week in Review- OnSIP, Verizon, West IP Communications

First posted on Unified Communications - October 8, 2016

Happy Saturday! This week in Unified Communications was an exciting one, with articles covering new integrations, common UC problems and so much more. Now that it’s the weekend, let’s take a look back at these last few days.

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CIOReview: OnSIP- Redefining UCaaS with WebRTC

First posted on CIOReview - October 2016

Enterprises today pay increasing attention to improving the customer experience as they interact with customers across multiple platforms and media-types. “Customers appreciate when a business flexes to meet their preferred communication style, with as little friction as possible,” begins Mike Oeth, CEO and Co-founder, OnSIP.

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CIOReview Names OnSIP as One of 20 Most Promising Unified Communications Solution Providers 2016

UCaaS Provider Selected for Redefining Unified Communications with WebRTC

First posted on PRWeb.

OnSIP announced today that the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider has been selected as one of CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Unified Communications Solution Providers 2016.

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Unified Communications: OnSIP Integrates Slack for Advanced UCaaS

First posted on Unified Communications - October 4, 2016

The number of solutions available in the marketplace in which organizations can communicate seems to be increasing daily. While they may work well individually, when it comes time to integrating them with other solutions, compatibility issues create problems that take away from the full capability of each product. But when two companies come together, the combined effort can deliver better user experiences for their customers, which is what has taken place with the announcement of OnSIP's integration with Slack.

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OnSIP Advances Unified Communications as a Service with New Slack Integration

UCaaS Provider Streamlines OnSIP Voice and Video Calling with Slack Messaging

First posted on PRWeb.

Wistia video thumbnail - OnSIP | Slack App and Integration

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider OnSIP announces a new integration for Slack that helps customers streamline voice, video, and messaging. Previously named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Unified Communications and now serving thousands of customers, OnSIP is the first cloud phone system and UC provider to integrate with Slack.

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TMCnet: Freemium UCaaS by OnSIP

First posted on TMCnet - September 14, 2016

One of the early adopters of WebRTC is an ITSP with 45,000 customers out of NYC called OnSIP. OnSIP recently launched a Freemium model for UCaaS for businesses. I got to speak with the CTO and Co-founder, John Riordan, about that in this podcast.

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GetVoIP: OnSIP Launches New Game Changing Freemium Plan

First posted on GetVoIP - September 7, 2016

With their new announcement of an additional plan to your payment structure today, OnSIP has done something unseen in the UCaaS market thus far. The provider has created a freemium model to join their list of calling and UC plans. With this new free plan, businesses can make internet and OnSIP voice calls, video chat, message, extension dial, view presence and share web call links with external parties for free.

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Channel Partners Online: OnSIP Intros Freemium UCaaS Offering

First posted on Channel Partners - September 7, 2016

PRESS RELEASE — Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider OnSIP announced today the launch of a free plan, empowering organizations to voice call, video chat, message, extension dial, view presence, and share web call links with external parties for free. While there are many free collaboration apps on the web, OnSIP is a pioneer in connecting organizations with their clients, customers, and other stakeholders at no charge— traditionally a phone system function.

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