Zendesk Meetup NYC: Now That's Great Customer Support

We at OnSIP are devoted to web-based tools that simplify our work day, giving us the ability to focus on what matters: running a quality hosted VoIP service and helping businesses leverage it. One such web-based tool is Zendesk, powerful yet simple customer service software.

Our customer support team uses Zendesk to create and track tickets, and we know a number of our own customers use Zendesk as well. Evidence of this can be seen in our Zendesk-OnSIP-Phonetag mashup here, which was inspired by LiveAir Networks, an OnSIP customer. This mashup streamlines support voicemail by auto-generating support tickets in Zendesk with voicemail .wav files and text transcriptions.

Yes, Zendesk is woven into our work day in various ways- So when we got an invitation for a Zendesk Meetup for customers and integration partners, we thought, we should go!

Yesterday, my colleague Samantha and I headed to the Zendesk Meetup at Jaques, a small restaurant in SoHo. We entered a zen-like ambiance, with lit candles, sponsored hors d'oeuvres and beverages, and a couple dozen people unwinding from their busy Wednesday work day.

Soon after we entered, we met a few members of the Zendesk team who were happy to shake our hands and listen to how we use Zendesk now and how we'd like to use it in the future. [Picture of us and Zendesk Strategic Account Manager Matt Heroux above.] Matt and I also discussed a few similarities of our businesses. For example, both companies have now over 15K customers. Both companies have remote employees. And as far as customer-relationship management, both companies believe in promoting Support team members who "know their stuff" to Sales/Account Manager roles.

I also spoke with a few of Zendesk's happy customers who said they'd been to prior meetups and felt their suggestions and issues were quickly addressed after face-to-face discussions.

I can't say how impressed I was with the event and the sentiment. When I asked Matt if they were ever worried about lacking attendance to one of their meetups, he shrugged and said something to the effect of, "No - Out of those who sign up, we usually can expect about 50% will show." (He actually pointed to the attendance list on his laptop to qualify this.) "...And if it were just a few, it would be totally fine too."

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