Updated Softphone Review: Media5-Fone

We recently revisited the Media5-Fone for a fresh look at what the phone is capable of in 2017. Media5-Fone is a softphone for iOS and Android with excellent voice quality and a free version that offers certain functionality at no charge. More from the review:

The free version of Media5-Fone is perfect for single users who want to use an iOS or Android device to engage in basic calling. The Media5-Fone certainly delivers on making and receiving standard phone calls. If you can stomach a few ads, you can use the free version for remote working and other ventures outside the office. The "pro" version will give you superb voice quality and a few more features for a relatively low price.

However, Media5-Fone doesn't offer video calling, presence, and other features that have become fairly routine for modern softphones. If you're looking to procure a softphone for your entire team, Media5-Fone's lack of presence, messaging, and SIP lines make the phone seem limited compared to models such as Bria. We would recommend the Media5-Fone for solo use, but you might want to look for something more robust for business-wide deployment.

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Topics: Android, Media5 Corporation, IP phone, Apple