New OnSIP Phone Review: Obihai OBi1062

We're happy to announce our latest phone review! The Obihai OBi1062 is a color screen IP phone with WiFi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 6 SIP account registrations. We loved the color screen, but we also had a few concerns with the WiFi. From the review:

The OBi1062 is a solid phone that’s packed with great features. The color screen is superb. The depth of the feature list puts it on par with other leading VoIP phones. WiFi and PoE are also welcome additions to the phone. With all things considered, the OBi1062 could be deployed in practically any business scenario, from a single use case, to mass deployment for an entire company.

Perhaps the most serious issue is the sound quality over WiFi. We found that the WiFi's practical usage extended for a 40 foot radius, which is not sufficient for all business spaces. If you're hoping to bring WiFi to your IP phones, the OBi1062 might not be the phone for you. The web interface was confusing to navigate at times, although Obitalk largely replaces the need to change phone settings from the web UI. Additionally, it would be nice to add more troubleshooting tools like logs or pcap.

The Obihai OBi1062 will work great for users who want a mid-range IP phone with a sharp color screen, PoE, and standard VoIP features.

Read our full review for the complete assessment!

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