New OnSIP Phone Review: Bria for iPad

We're happy to announce our latest phone review: Bria for iPad (Version 3.8.1). Bria for iPad is an extension of the well-known softphone onto Apple's popular tablet. The app offers more screen real estate, HD voice and video calling, and leading features such as automatic call recording. Here's an excerpt from the review:

With a good set of headphones, the Bria for iPad can function as a reliable phone for full-time work. The ability to easily record calls and engage in video calls brings a great deal of value, particularly when combined with the overall stability of the app.

The frustration of getting contacts to work reliably and appropriately was a major drawback, especially as changes occasionally meant having to restart the Bria client. That is certainly something Counterpath should improve upon in future versions. Although it's not their fault, the inability to create contact groups on the iPad or within the Bria interface was frustrating.

Ultimately, this is a softphone on a tablet. That brings some good things to the table, like more real estate for displaying video calls. The downside is that you need to consider your headset choice carefully, since you're constrained by the available ports on the device (no USB). The Bria for iPad is a really interesting solution for workers on the go who find a tablet more suitable to their work style than a laptop or desktop computer.

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