4 Impressive Business VoIP Phones from 2016 [Free Guide]

Every year, business phone manufacturers release new models and firmware with the latest designs, features, and capabilities. In 2016, we saw several impressive IP phones enter the market. These phones featured shiny touchscreens, more customizable keys, HD voice and video codec support, and more.

As part of our VoIP Phone Reviews program, we publish an annual guide to the best business VoIP phones. In our 2017 edition, four out of the 13 recommendations were new phones released this year, ranging from a sleek video phone to a long range wireless phone. We also updated the guide to include more categories to reflect changing business communication needs. This year, you can find recommendations for entry level, mid level, and executive level desk phones, along with softphones, DECT phones, and conference phones.

As a sneak peek, here are the four phones that caught our attention in 2016. For more information on each phone’s features, capabilities, and pricing, fill out the form on the right to download the full guide.

Feature-Rich Entry Level Desk Phone

Grandstream GXP1782

Grandstream GXP1782

The Grandstream GXP1782 is a solid phone that comes fully equipped for standard office life. With excellent voice quality, an awesome speakerphone, and a legion of multi-purpose keys, this phone should work well for anyone who wants all the firepower of a touchscreen phone, without the cost.

Aside from lack of support for Bluetooth and some minor ergonomic issues with the handset, the Grandstream GXP1782 is an impressive device with all the major features for the modern workplace.

Slick Executive Level Video Phone

Yealink T49G

Yealink T49G

The Yealink T49G is an outstanding video phone. When it advertises HD video, it actually means it. With a 1280 x 80 resolution, it rivals Netflix streams in quality. Although the touchscreen interface isn’t as advanced as some other devices, it certainly is gorgeous, and probably the best video screen we’ve encountered on a SIP device.

There are a lot of forward-looking features, in particular the 3-way video conferencing and 5-way audio/video mixed conferencing. The biggest drawback is the the price tag, which is only worth it if you plan on using the video phone frequently. However, excellence should be recognized independent of price, and the Yealink T49G is one of the three best video phones on the market.

Dependable Softphone App

Bria iPhone Edition

Counterpath Bria (iPhone Version 3.8.1, Android v3.7)

Counterpath Bria for Android and iPhone are excellent softphone apps for mobile users. It comes with an impressive list of business phone features, sturdy functionality, and great voice and video quality. With multiple codec support and video calling, Bria is a powerhouse softphone that packs all the best features into a single app on your smartphone.

Our only serious issue is the price. Bria requires in-app purchases if you want to access all the features, including video quality, presence, and messaging, which are some of the leading features that separate Bria from standard deskphones. While it would be nice to see an all inclusive package, Bria still remains as one of the most versatile and respected softphone apps in the industry.

Flexible and Far Reaching DECT Phone

Grandstream DP750/720

Grandstream DP750/720

The Grandstream DP750/720 is a huge upgrade from previous DECT models. With great HD codec support, excellent range, and quality design, this combo offers all the prime features a DECT phone needs. With up to 10 SIP accounts, this phone is proof that DECT devices can compete with traditional desk phones.

While the DP750/720 lacks the shiny Android interface of newer devices, it ultimately comes down to how much flexibility you want with your phone. The Grandstream DP750/720 should be at the top of the list for anyone who wants a multi-line phone that offers geographic freedom.

The Best Business VoIP Phones

Business phones are no longer the clunky pieces of hardware we once shoved into the corners of our desks. We can now use webphones in our browsers, softphone apps on our smartphones, in addition to video-capable phones powered via Ethernet.

If you’re looking for new phones for your office, be sure to check out our 2017 phone guide and our ongoing phone promotion with Telephony Depot. Keep up with our objective phone reviews to find out what the winners are in 2017.

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