Customer Feature: Provides Authentic European Stays

Looking for a truly life-altering European vacation experience? Then why not go with a company that "cares more about your trip than anyone else" and is run by people who've experienced the places you're visiting? An OnSIP customer headquartered in California, RentVillas has over 25 years of experience in providing all the accommodations for an authentic European vacation stay. Kevin Pidduck, CEO at RentVillas, shared his time with OnSIP to tell us about RentVillas and their OnSIP experience.

What is RentVillas?

Located in Ventura, California, RentVillas specializes in European villa rentals. We offer villas, apartments, farmhouses, cottages, and castles in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland, and the Caribbean. Most of our sales team works from our office in Ventura or from home. We have other employees working remotely from the East Coast, and from Italy.


How did RentVillas get started? What was the overall goal behind creating RentVillas?

In 1984, Founder of RentVillas, Suzanne Pidduck looked for an economical way to introduce her young children to Italy. Suzanne rented an 18th century Tuscan villa for a month -- a little more than a vacation. It was a complete cultural experience! After that, RentVillas was founded. Suzanne wanted to share that life-altering experience with everyone.

What would you say is alluring about RentVillas? How does RentVillas stand out from other travel agencies?

Since its inception, RentVillas has been dedicated to making renting a villa easy and worry-free, ensuring that customers get the very most from their trips. Carefully researched property descriptions and photos ensure that they know exactly what they're getting before they go, while reviews from previous renters present multiple perspectives and helpful tips. Each property is personally vetted by founder Suzanne Pidduck. In addition, a personal travel advisor guides customers through the villa selection process, from choosing a property to offering insight and advice about how to get around and what to do in the area.

Villa Rental in Aegean Islands Fira Villa

Tell us about your transition to VoIP, specifically OnSIP.

As the economic crisis unfolded, our office lease was up for renewal. The landlord wanted to increase our monthly rent. We felt it was prudent to lower our overhead, which meant everybody working from home while we hunted for our next office space. Of course we didn't want to lose or change our 1-800 number, and we wanted to maintain the same phone presence. We knew that VoIP was the solution to our problems!

When you were shopping for a phone service/system, what were you looking for?

The most important thing we were looking for when searching for a phone service was call quality and seamless call handling. I also wanted a standards compliant solution. What I didn't want was proprietary phones…and I didn't want to start out by buying hardware. In the beginning we all only used softphones.

Now, we use both Bria softphones and Polycom desk phones with Plantronics Savi headsets (which allow speaking both via softphone and desk phone from the same headset).

What are your favorite OnSIP features?

A few of our favorite OnSIP features would have to be: the Polycom boot configuration, the OnSIP admin interface, and the fact that everything just works!