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Custom Auto Attendant Greetings with Voices.com

by Rob Wolpov

Here's an unbiased review of how to create customized auto attendant greetings with Voices.com.

Customers often ask us if we offer voice talent to create customized Auto Attendant greetings, e.g. “Thank you for calling Widget Co. For sales, press one….”

While we don’t have professional voice talent here, we can recommend a great service to get this done. It’s called Voices.com. Here is a brief unaffiliated review of this service:

Voices.com is a marketplace for professional voice talent. There are thousands of talented voices ready to quickly record any message you might like.

Using Voices.com, you can listen to several voice talent samples, choose one, contact that voice talent, send your script for recording, and receive your recording all in an intuitive interface. The service takes a cut of the fees you pay to professional voice talents via the service.

After previewing many available samples, we used a professional voice talent through Voices.com to record a message that our customers can listen to for fun via our free web phone, InstaPhone. (If you're an OnSIP customer, visit this blog post to find out how you can call "Jenny" 867-5309.) Our voice talent recorded multiple versions of this message until we were satisfied with the result.

The whole process - from opening the Voices.com account, to selecting the talent, to having the completed recording uploaded to OnSIP - took a total of 2 business days! We’re not affiliated with Voices.com, but we think the service is perfect for recording your auto-attendant message, voicemail greetings, and other OnSIP announcements. You will be able to find affordable options, ranging from as low as $50 for your recording; simply put your requested job up for bid or contact a preferred a voice talent directly.

Make sure to get the correct format for your recording. You’ll want to tell the voice talent you need PCM, 8,000hz and 16 bit stereo. For OnSIP customers, when you’ve got your recording completed, follow these instructions to upload your new recording.

Looking for more tips? Visit our 10 sample auto attendant greeting scripts. Or, check out our auto attendant phone system best practices.

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