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Groundwire (v1.5) star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_grey_24

The following review was conducted in January 2011.

The increasing number of SIP developers working on products in the App Store and the Android marketplace reflects the growing interest in mobile voice over IP solutions. More developers means more competition. More competition will hopefully mean more innovation and better products for the end user. In the end, we all win.

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Acrobits Softphone star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_grey_24 star_grey_24

The following review was conducted in May 2010.

The idea of mobile VoIP for business is great. You download a SIP client on your mobile phone, configure it with your account settings from your VoIP provider, and BAM! – you’re hooked into your office phone system, making calls using your company caller ID, reaching coworkers with extension to extension dialing, and perhaps more importantly, not using your own minutes.

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Topics: Acrobits, Softphone, Apple