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Underneath the Hood: Fun Facts About InstaPhone

by Kevin Bartley

We've compiled a handful of interesting statistics on how our customers use InstaPhone.

Published: February 3, 2015

InstaPhone takes on the full functionality of a traditional desk phone without requiring anything but an internet browser to run. We've collected a few interesting stats about how customers are using InstaPhone. This data includes what features are the the most popular, what devices are used most, and other pertinent information that helps us cater to our customers' needs.

Browser Usage

Chrome - 91.97%

Firefox - 7.97 %

Maxthon - .05%

InstaPhone is primed to work for three mainstream browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Chrome is used by a majority of internet users (61.6%), but the percentage is skewed even higher for InstaPhone usage (91.97%). It also seems that some of our user base is accessing InstaPhone with little known browsers such as Maxthon.

We were all but oblivious to Maxthon, but apparently it's WebRTC-enabled, which highlights the easy availability of WebRTC's open source protocol. With pre-built JavaScript commands and freely available codes, WebRTC can be implemented into the Maxthons of the web without requiring licensing fees and other monetary costs that burden small businesses.

Mobile Device Traffic

Google Nexus 9 - 22.22%

Samsung SGH-I317 Galaxy - 22.22%

Google Nexus 5 - 22.22%

Motorola XT1080 Ultra - 11.11%

Motorola XT923 Droid Razr HD - 11.11%

InstaPhone is accessible on mobile devices running Android, and it appears that our customers are already taking advantage of its portability. Amongst these top five devices, the traffic from tablets appears to be equal to the traffic from cell phones (44.44%).

There are no Apple devices on the list, because the company is notoriously mute when it comes to WebRTC adoption. But now that Microsoft and Cisco are working with WebRTC, some industry analysts say a tipping point has emerged that will force Apple to embrace the protocol.

Most Used InstaPhone Features

1. Making an audio call

2. Holding a call

3. Answering an audio call

4. Muting an audio call

5. Answering a video call

It may not come as a surprise that audio calling and its peripheral features remain the most popular, because our hosted PBX customers generally employ our platform for voice service.

But from the ranking above, it's clear that video calls are making significant headway. According to a Gartner study, over 100 of the 500 largest global businesses will introduce video-based chat by 2018 for customer-facing interactions.