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TMCnet: Chorus Communications Adds OnSIP to Business VoIP Partner Roster

by OnSIP

Chorus Communications enters into a partnership with OnSIP, adding OnSIP's industry-recognized UCaaS platform to its portfolio.

Published: March 16, 2017

First posted on TMCnet.com - March 14, 2017

Although we all know that there are several benefits to investing in business VoIP technology for your company—more capabilities, lowered operational costs, ease-of-use, and so on—sometimes companies have difficulty deciding to make the switch. There are a number of reasons for this hesitation, but one of the biggest ones is that there are just so many options to choose from. There’s a VoIP provider for every company imaginable, from a small mom and pop shop to a large enterprise, and finding the right one for you can prove to be a challenge that some companies just don’t want to take on.

That’s where companies like Chorus Communications come into play. Chorus Communications is a consultant to businesses that are seeking the top hosted VoIP providers out there. It will help you find the best of the best, and you can feel confident in your decision to invest in business VoIP.

Chorus Communications is dedicated to helping companies find the right business VoIP provider for them. “The key to choosing the right VoIP provider is selecting a company that offers quality round-the-clock customer service, and knows the industry through and through,” said Daniel Cronin, President of Chorus Communications.

To this end, today Chorus Communications announced yet another addition to its ever-expanding partner roster: OnSIP. OnSIP is the fourth company in Chorus Communications’ impressive Q1 roundup so far. The company provides cloud-based business VoIP services to companies throughout the U.S. After investing in OnSIP’s business VoIP offerings, clients have the ability to leverage phone numbers, users, phones, voice mailboxes and more through the service. The offering also comes with several features, including auto attendants, groups, voicemail-to-email, HD conference suite, call tracking and so on.

“Chorus Communications is excited to introduce OnSIP's robust and cost-effective solution suite to our extensive network of top-producing partners and vendors,” said Cronin. “Their leading services will be a valuable addition to our rapidly growing portfolio of next-generation products. Chorus' dedication to the partner channel combined with OnSIP's award-winning technologies, is a powerful combination to meet the growing needs of customers. We are eager to present OnSIP to the channel at our annual Who's Who In Technology Event on April 19th.”

Let’s hope that Chorus Communications and OnSIP help many more businesses adopt VoIP services.