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The Verizon Strike: What this means for our customers now

by Leo Zheng

How the Verizon strike may affect OnSIP port orders (LNPs).

Published: August 10, 2011

When you bring up the issue of cutting employee benefits, thing's aren't going to be pretty, and right now no company knows this better than Verizon. CEO Lowell McAdam cites the drop in corporate profitability and the declining number of land-line customers as reasons for why the company demanded over 100 concessions from its workers.

In response, 45,000 unionized Verizon employees and managers, went on strike Monday and there are still no immediate signs of this labor dispute ending.

Verizon did state that Verizon wireless customers would be unaffected, but now insists that the company has "suffered serious disruption and curtailment of its business" from illegal activities by strikers, so the real effects of this are still unclear.

What does this mean right now for OnSIP customers? Unfortunately, it means that we are unable to submit any number ports from Verizon until the strike is over. This also applies to ports from carriers that are using Verizon as their underlying carrier.

Verizon has a limited amount of personnel right now, and even with management filling the gaps where they can, the only orders that are processing right now are emergency orders like voice repairs and e911 orders. Porting does not fall under the category of an emergency.

Image from NYDailyNews.com