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SIP.js 0.6.3 Adds Fixes and Optimization for Firefox 33 - Recommended Upgrade

by Kevin Bartley

We're happy to announce the release of SIP.js 0.6.3!

Published: October 17, 2014
SIP.JS Version 0.6.3

We have just released a new version SIP.js, our SIP Javascript stack that's perfect for developers who want to build WebRTC-based features. SIP.js 0.6.3 is now the most stable, comprehensive version of the library to date.

"SIP.js 0.6.3 is a patch version bump from 0.6.2," said OnSIP Lead Developer Will Mitchell. "It contains small changes related to Firefox 33, session cleanup on window closure, and a handful of other bug fixes. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version."

Here are some highlighted improvements:

  • Mask DTLS everywhere
  • WebRTC.MediaHandler: remember when to call self.onIceCompleted
  • Pass logger from MediaHandler to MediaStreamManager
  • Grammar: parse entire event-type into a string
  • Subscriptions now emit accepted
  • Removed old subscriptions on resubscribe
  • Update MediaHandler.js - Fix Chrome HOLD
  • Session#refer: actually define originalTarget
  • WebRTC.MediaHandler#getDescription: call #render() after stream is added
  • UA#onTransportError: don't try next transport if UA is closed
  • UA: listen for 'unload' and call #stop()

So check it out! Grab SIP.js 0.6.3 today.