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Polycom Promo: Get OnSIP Rewards When You Purchase Polycom Phones

by Tim Cleves

Check out our Polycom promo: Buy five or more Polycom phones from Telephony Depot and get a $300 calling credit!

Published: March 9, 2012

Polycom 335

Phones. You'll need them and we'll help you get them. We're extending our OnSIP Polycom Promotion* into 2012. We'll add $300 of calling credit to your new OnSIP account when you follow these three easy steps:


Step 1: Create an account.

Create a new OnSIP PBX account.


Step 2: Order Polycom phones.

Order five or more Polycom phones with
OnSIP phone provisioning
from Telephony Depot. It's important that you use the $5.50 OnSIP provisioning for each phone purchased because it lets us know to add your calling credit! Note: You will need to purchase Polycom provisioning for each phone you purchase.


Step 3: We'll add calling credit.

Sit back while we add $300 of calling credit to your account. $300 is good for 10,000 minutes of calling and the credit doesn't expire.

Purchase a Polycom IP phone from Telephony Depot

By using our provisioning software, you make setup of new Polycom phones simple. Just add the MAC address of the phone as a resources in the OnSIP admin portal, and you're good to go. Plug the Polycom into your LAN and let our bootserver configure everything for you. True plug-and-dial.

The Polycom 335 desktop phone offers full HD quality sound, a duplex speaker-phone and is fully compatible with OnSIP. Best of all it sells for less than $130. When you include our Polycom promotion, it's like getting five HD voice phones for only $350! Other Polycom phones like the executive 550 or the 6000 conference phone are also supported with the OnSIP phone provisioning feature.

* Limited to one (1) reward of $300 OnSIP credit per customer. OnSIP credit cannot be exchanged for cash.