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Polycom End-User Trade-In Rebate Program

by Rob Wolpov

Read the details about Polycom's end-user phone trade-in rebate program.

Published: July 27, 2011

Last week, we introduced our OnSIP Polycom promotion, which awards $300 OnSIP credit to anyone that buys 5 or more Polycom phones with OnSIP provisioning from Telephony Depot.

This week, we want to make you aware of yet another way to save money when purchasing new phones, the Polycom end-user trade-in rebate program. Between the two programs, you can save over 70% on 5 great IP 335 model phones when you get started with OnSIP!

Here's how it works:

    1. You buy phones from a certified Polycom Channel Partner like Telephony Depot.
    2. Complete the rebate form found here (page 8) with the following information: Polycom phones you purchased, phones you're replacing / trading in, the reseller you're using, the name of your sales rep (if you do not know your Telephony Depot sales rep, simply give them a call)
    3. Complete the letter of authentication, recycler certification, and destruction. Found here (page 9). In almost all cases, end users destroy phones and provide proof (digital before and after pictures that clearly and legibly show serial numbers). Polycom wants to make sure that you are not going to continue to use your old phones or resell them to another company. For other recycling options, email polycom@rebate-zone.com or call 866.665.7402. Polycom informed me that they are very helpful with questions and will even connect recyclers with customers.
    4. Mail the documents to Polycom

The Polycom rebate program runs from July 1st to the end of 2011. End users have 90 days from the time they receive their invoice (if you're using Telephony Depot, you can use the receipt they email you after you make your purchase) to complete the steps above.

Please check the official Polycom Trade-in Program document for more details. You can see that there are limitations. For example, if you want a rebate on video conferencing equipment, you will need to trade in comparable video conferencing equipment. If you want a rebate on conference phones, you will need to trade in older Polycom conference phones.

There are almost no limitations for rebates on Polycom Soundpoint IP solutions, which is amazing. You can get between $25 and $75 back on Soundpoint IP 335s - Soundpoint IP 670s (and the models in between) for any analog, digital, or IP business grade desk phone. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact polycom@rebate-zone.com.

When you combine OnSIP's Polycom promotion and Polycom's own rebate program, you get an incredible deal. We're excited about the money this could save both our new and existing customers.

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  • OnSIP Polycom promotion - $300 OnSIP credit when you buy 5+ Polycom phones with OnSIP provisioning.
  • Polycom Rebate Program - $25 - $75 rebate on Polycom Soundpoint IP solutions for any analog, digital or IP business phone 'trade-in'.