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OnSIP Names Easy On Hold Solutions Partner

by OnSIP

OnSIP names easy on hold solutions partner, providing custom message on hold streams for its 20,000+ customers.

Published: January 22, 2014

Easy On Hold Founder Tim Brown says EOH’s streaming technology allows OnSIP users, for the first time, to provide custom content for callers on hold. Streamed advertisements and information, mixed with music, can be facilitated by each OnSIP phone as a new marketing tool.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Business VOIP provider OnSIP has named Easy On Hold its message and music on hold solutions partner. The partnership is a result of EOH's creation of a custom message on hold stream that works with OnSIP's unique real-time communications platform.

OnSIP Cofounder and President Robert Wolpov says, “We were approached by Easy On Hold with the idea to create a custom message on hold stream compatible with the OnSIP platform. Previously, our customers could choose from a finite selection of music. Now, they can use hold time to communicate important company information, promotions and special events, mixed with music. It's a high-end on-hold experience; no other company is providing a streaming service like Easy On Hold. It's an important technological achievement, and we applaud them for cracking the code, so to speak.”

Easy On Hold Founder Tim Brown says that what makes the Easy On Hold streaming message on hold unique is that audio files can be scheduled to play at specific times and on specific days.

“The traditional four-minute on hold loop, where several paragraphs are edited over one piece of music, is an outdated approach. Our service puts together a library of individual spots that can be told when to play and how often,” Brown says, “You can schedule start and stop dates, too, so old content is never heard. Callers can also hear custom ‘good morning’ and ‘good afternoon’ greetings for a personalized on hold experience. The OnSIP customer won't need external on hold equipment. They'll just copy and paste their own unique URL stream into their account, and whenever they have a change in any of their content, we update the stream in real-time.”

A video explaining how the OnSIP stream works can be found at http://www.onsip.com/content/custom-messages-on-hold.

A live stream example can be found here: http://easyonhold.com/services/streaming-music-on-hold/.

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About Easy On Hold

Easy On Hold, http://www.easyonhold.com, created in 1997, provides professional telephone recordings, music and on hold message productions, auto attendant, IVR, voicemail greetings, and web audio to companies around the world.