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OnSIP Enhanced Queue Brings Real-Time Dashboard Overview And New Reports To ACD Queue

by Kevin Bartley

Enhance your ACD Queues with real-time and historical data.

Published: April 27, 2015

We're happy to announce our latest hosted PBX feature - Enhanced Queues, or ACD Queues that allow our customers to gather pertinent insights into their sales and support operations with a real-time dashboard and queue reporting.

Starting today, we now offer two types of ACD Queues: Simple Queues and Enhanced Queues. Read below to learn more about these queue offerings and the latest improvements.

Simple Queue

Simple Queues offer our standard queue functionality plus a few new enhancements:

  • HD Voice
  • 2 Added Ring Strategies: Least Recent and Fewest Calls
  • Voicemail Failover: The ability for callers to failover to a voice mailbox destination at any time

Pricing for Simple Queues is now set by the maximum number of agents that can log into a queue ($9.95 per agent). The default setting for each queue will be set to 5.

Enhanced Queue admin menu
OnSIP Admins can now customize the number of agents that can log into a queue at any given time

Enhanced Queues

Enhanced Queues offer the Simple Queue feature set plus a dashboard for queue supervisors. The Enhanced Queue Dashboard includes:

  • Real-time Overview: View what is currently happening in the queue(s)
  • Historical Reports: Run reports on the past statistics of your queue(s), and export them as CSV files

When an enhanced Queue is created, or a Simple Queue is upgraded, the account admin will automatically be granted a Queue Supervisor role. The new Enhanced Queue Dashboard in InstaPhone allows users to check queue statuses while making voice or video calls. Account admins can also grant any user Queue Supervisor privileges under the Users tab.

Enhanced Queues are available in a Beta Trial until June 1st, after which they will be priced at $14.95 per agent. Until June 1st, Enhanced Queues will be priced at the $9.95 Simple Queues price point to offer our customers a trial run.

So give our new ACD queues a shot! Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.