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OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome— Now Helps Customer Support Teams with Zendesk

by Nicole Hayward

Announcing OnSIP Call Assistant for Google Chrome. Maximize workday efficiency with click-to-call

Published: September 12, 2013

OnSIP is happy to announce the launch of the OnSIP Call Assistant for Google ChromeTM with Zendesk integration. Previously known as the OnSIP Click-To-Call Extension, this new version is such a handy time saver for support staff who use Zendesk, we've decided to give the extension a new name!

Zendesk builds cloud software for better customer service and is used by 30,000 companies worldwide. As any customer support agent knows, the process of creating a help ticket and gathering the initial information from a caller does not take an insignificant amount of time. By automating the ticket generation process, the OnSIP Call Assistant allows customer support staff to focus their time and energy on actual troubleshooting. OnSIP Call Assistant will automatically create Zendesk tickets for inbound support calls, time-stamp the call, and add identifying information to the ticket— including phone number dialed, callback number, and caller ID name.

In other words, this Google Chrome extension increases efficiency for customer support staff and makes customers happier; callers no longer needing to step through the process of repeating who they are, nor do they need to pause and wait for the support agent to create a ticket with identifying information.

In fact, OnSIP's very own customer support staff drove this integration initiative and now uses OnSIP Call Assistant extension daily.

"The ticket creation gives our agents more time to concentrate on the customer's needs," says OnSIP Director of Support Larry Browne. "Having the ticket number ready at the time of call gives the customer necessary information for follow-up, and the exact time that the call was received gives us valuable metrics for staffing. It's been great for productivity, and having input into a product that we collaborated on has boosted morale."

OnSIP Call Assistant leverages OnSIP's API to process real time call events. OnSIP's XMPP API sends call notifications down to the browser, and the client's browser then utilizes the Zendesk API to create the ticket and add the custom field information. This type of integration clearly demonstrates the power of cloud-based systems with the cloud-based OnSIP Hosted PBX and the cloud-based Zendesk CSR system.

Click here to learn more about the OnSIP Call Assistant and where to download. Or, watch Larry demonstrate this extension in the video below. Please note if you already have the previous OnSIP Click-To-Call extension, you will receive this update automatically.