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OnSIP Announces Voicemail Transcription With Phonetag

by Nicole Hayward

OnSIP Announces Voicemail Transcription With Phonetag

Published: July 20, 2010

Too Busy To Listen To Voicemail?

Recently, we've had a few customers tweet and email, asking for a popular feature: voicemail transcription. Particularly, Phonetag was the recommended service to use, so we decided to ty it out. As OnSIP already sends voicemail to email, it seemed natural that we could forward the OnSIP voicemail email to Phonetag for transcription; and, this is exactly what we (along with out friends at Phonetag) did.

Phonetag & OnSIP

Today, we have announced that OnSIP customers can sign up for PhoneTag Voicemail-To-Text (V2T) service on a per-user basis. The instructions for sign-up can be found in this Knowledgebase article. It is important to note that this is a third party service that we have simply made available to OnSIP users who are interested in this feature. As such, the pricing, policies, and service are handled by Phonetag. Please review before taking advantage of this convenient feature.

How Does It Work?

As a quick overview, OnSIP users who sign up with Phonetag will be given a unique Phonetag email address. Within my.OnSIP settings, users can configure to send voicemails to the unique Phonetag email address. Based on receiving mail to this unique email address, Phonetag will recognize it is the user's voicemail, transcribe, and send to the user's defined (actual) email address. The transcription email will also contain the .WAV file attachment, should the user want to listen to it.

How Much?

Again, this feature is currently offered on a per-user basis. Phonetag is offering one week of free service for OnSIP users to try. After that, Phonetag has 3 pricing options: a per message rate of $.35, a 40 message per month plan for $9.95, and an unlimited plan for $29.95 per month. Stay tuned for more ways in which you can use this service to your advantage as well as future enhancements!