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OnSIP and Easy On Hold Team Up For Custom On-Hold Messages

by Kevin Bartley

Thanks to a partnership with Easy On Hold

Published: January 23, 2014

We're proud to announce our latest addition to our unique on-hold experience. Thanks to Easy on Hold, OnSIP customers now have the ability to choose high-quality music streams and customize promotional announcements that their callers will hear on hold.

This means OnSIP customers can now insert custom music, advertisements, company announcements, self-recorded messages, or any other pertinent audio media, into their on-hold music. Additionally, these custom messages can be scheduled to play at specific times on specific days!

Easy On Hold Founder Tim Brown says that the new scheduling mechanism is what makes the Easy On Hold streaming message unique. "The traditional four-minute on-hold loop, where several paragraphs are edited over one piece of music, is an outdated approach," he says. "Our service puts together a library of individual spots that can be told when to play and how often. You can schedule start and stop dates, too, so old content is never heard."

When it came to integration with our platform, these new Easy On Hold features were incorporated seamlessly. "In testing, I was quite surprised at how little time the whole set up process took and how efficiently the stream stood up to testing," said NOC Technician Eric Phipps. "It's very rare that we encounter a new product that integrates so quickly and hassle free in the testing phase."

Ultimately, the new Easy On Hold feature will allow businesses to connect more effectively with its customers. These new additions will enhance our already exceptional on-hold experience, and we look forward to future collaborations with Easy On Hold.