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Enhanced Queues Out of Beta, Added Remote Agent Login/Logout

by Kevin Bartley

OnSIP Enhanced Queues are out of Beta, and we've added a Remote Log In/Log Out feature.

Published: June 10, 2015

We're happy to announce that Enhanced Queues are officially out of Beta. To mark the occasion, we've added a Remote Log In/Log Out feature to our Enhanced Queues.

The Queue Dashboard in InstaPhone will now allow Queue Supervisors to log individual agents in or out of a given queue, rather than having the agent manually enter in numerical codes from their phone.

"As a Sales manager, it's vitally important for me to be able to monitor our Inbound Sales Queue," said Director of Sales Tim Cleves. "I can track call volume and assess the need to add more Sales agents quickly as the situation warrants. Being able to log agents in and out of the Sales queue remotely provides additional functionality and flexibility to manage queues better. Also, salespeople are only human and they can sometimes forget to log themselves in and out of the queues, so I can now do it for them!"

Remote Login/Logout Makes The Difference

Remote login gives supervisors a chance to update agent capacity as call volume increases, a feature that might actually make or break a sales call if an agent connects with a customer directly, as opposed to sending the prospect to an uninviting voicemail box. On the other hand, remote logout allows Enhanced Queue Supervisors to keep real-time control over which agents answer calls. This proves handy when agents are erroneously active or unnecessary for the time being.

The remote login/logout feature streamlines the sales process, ensuring that callers are reached in the heat of the moment, and not after a game of phone tag. Over the course of a business year, this seemingly minor advantage can actually translate into more converted leads and satisfied customers for our hosted PBX clientele.

Enhanced Queues Go Live

The Enhanced Queue was released last month to give admins more control over their queues, and better analytics to track the way the queues are being used. Features include:

  • HD Voice
  • 2 Added Ring Strategies: Least Recent and Fewest Calls
  • Voicemail Failover: The ability for callers to failover to a voice mailbox destination at any time
  • Real-time Overview: View what is currently happening in the queue(s)
  • Historical Reports: Run reports on the past statistics of your queue(s), and export them as CSV files

Going forward, Enhanced Queues will be priced at $14.95 per agent. If you're an OnSIP customer interested in more information on Enhanced Queues, visit our Knowledgebase pages on how to set up a Enhanced Queue, and how to use the Enhanced Queue Dashboard.