Announcing a Free Plan for New OnSIP Customers

Written by Kevin Malcolm

OnSIP now offers a Free Plan for new customers that includes unlimited web voice/video calling, web call buttons, Slack and Zendesk integrations, and more.
Published: September 7, 2016

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OnSIP was established with the mission to move business calling to the web for a better user experience, call data, and savings. From HD voice and video to chat to presence and contextual caller information, we believe that pure Internet communications have so much more to offer than calling over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Beginning today, OnSIP is taking it a step further: We are now offering a completely free, web-based plan for new customers. (All other plans still offer a free 30 day trial.)

What is the Free Plan?

OnSIP's Free Plan

The Free Plan is a 100% Internet-based voice, video, and messaging solution for teams. Users can collaborate with each other and communicate with customers online using sayso and web call links.

The Free Plan includes:

  • Up to 100 users with unlimited extensions
  • Unlimited web voice/video calling (free webphones included)
  • Unlimited SIP-to-SIP Internet calling (compatible with any SIP phone or softphone app)
  • Custom web call links & HTML buttons for outside parties to call you inside their browser
  • Presence - see who's busy and who's available at a glance
  • Business Hour Rules
  • Slack & Zendesk integrations
  • Chrome extension
  • SIP domain hosting
  • Developer APIs
  • Knowledgebase access

Some additional features, such Voicemail, Conference Suites, and Auto Attendants, can be purchased a la carte. In order to make external (PSTN) calls, manage more than 100 users, or receive expert support, teams with free plan accounts can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

OnSIP as a Collaboration Suite

OnSIP as a collaboration suite

Effective collaboration is vital for organizations of all sizes, from startup to enterprise. The OnSIP Free Plan provides a business-grade internal communications platform with the opportunity to add external communications at the flip of a switch.

How Does It Work?

Because our development team values open standards, you have a variety of options of phones to choose from. However, we highly recommend our all-in-one phone app, the OnSIP app for Windows, Mac, Firefox, and Chrome.

The OnSIP App
The OnSIP app - Accessible through modern browsers at

The OnSIP app combines a fully-functional business phone with video chat, real-time presence, messaging, and more. Users can scroll through their company directory to see who's busy or available, make and receive HD voice/video calls with the click of a button, send instant messages (even Slack messages), view their call history, and more.

Because each user is assigned a unique SIP address, our free plan is compatible with other softphones - even desk phones too. Whether you prefer the feel of a physical phone, or are happy with software-only, the options are there.

Connect With Customers Over the Web

Video chat with your customers

Organizations that sign up for the OnSIP Free Plan can also generate free custom web call buttons and links for their website. These sayso links allow visitors on your website to instantly connect with an agent on a voice or video call, directly in their browser.

The sayso button removes the friction of dialing a phone number and skips the traditional phone tree entirely. You can create separate discussion topics for different pages of your website. For example, your Support page's sayso button can route calls to your Customer Success team, and your Pricing page's button can direct calls to your Sales team.

OnSIP's Free Plan also includes a professional call link for each user. This unique URL allows anyone to initiate a voice or video call with that user over the web. Embed this link into your email signature so prospects and customers can reach you with a single click.

A Free Plan for Developers, Too

OnSIP's Free Plan for Developers

We offer the same platform that powers our cloud phone service to developers, so they can build custom voice, video, and messaging applications and features. Starting today, new customers will now have the option to start small with no cost at all.

The Free Plan for Developers allows up to 100 peak simultaneously registered users and 1 million messages per month. Similar to our unified communications offering, external (PSTN) access, unlimited users, a la carte features and developer expert support can be accessed at any time by upgrading to the Pro Plan.

Flexible Options For All

The OnSIP Free Plan is great for organizations looking to upgrade their internal communications to a flexible service that offers no contracts, no expiration date, and no monthly fee. With access to the OnSIP app, sayso button, and more, users can easily collaborate with each other and with customers over the web.

To sign up for an account, click on the button below, or visit our pricing page for more information.