Support For Yealink Phones Added To Our Phone Provisioning Server,

Customers using Yealink phones can now use our provisioning server to set up their devices and get the latest firmware.

The models supported include the following:

Desk phone models: SIP-T20, SIP-T22, SIP-T26, SIP-T28, SIP-T38G

Video phone models: VP-2009P

Yealink T38G

How to get started with your Yealink phones

Here is a general overview of the process:

  1. Reset your phones to their factory defaults
  2. Go into the OnSIP admin portal and assign your phones to your employees like so.
  3. Set "" as the URL / Server URL on the Upgrade screen in your phone's web configuration tool. For a more detailed walk through with screenshots, check out our Yealink boot server knowledgebase guide here.
  4. Reboot, and you're done.