Polycom software update and NTP Server

We recently updated the software (SIP.ld) on the Polycom boot server to version 3.3.1. The new software is more in line with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) standards. In the older version of SIP.ld, the program was reading the NTP server from the config file. However, the proper behavior is for the phone to use the NTP server as defined by the DHCP server, regardless of what's in the config file; the config file entry is only supposed to be used if the DHCP server fails to supply an NTP server.

The new version of SIP.ld corrects this and behaves properly. There is one downside: If the DHCP server is handing out an NTP server, and the IP address it's handing out is non-existent or invalid, then the phone has no NTP server and does not display the correct date/time. In this case, the solution is to check your router/DHCP server and either disable NTP broadcast, or change the NTP server to something like us.pool.ntp.org. Big thanks to OnSIP Customer -Chris Estes- for the insight and much of the above wording.