Free SIP Addresses For All! Junction Networks Launches New Site

As Rob Wolpov, President of Junction Networks, stated in today's press release, “Many of our customers are already committed to the future of Internet communications and are already accepting calls directly from SIP users over the Internet. We do it too. If you want to reach us, you don’t need a phone number. You can call”

Announcing New Site:

While we never truly highlighted it, Junction Networks has been offering free SIP addressees inherently in the OnSIP service. Anyone can sign up for an OnSIP account, create users with a SIP addresses, and never pay us a dime for our service. We offer this because it costs us very little, and frankly, the more people who know about SIP, the better. In fact, we cringe at the idea that OnSIP users are calling each other for free in the office, but then using Skype, a service that's closed off, to call their friends and family. "Get your Mom a SIP address and talk to her in HD!" we say. But of course, we recognize that OnSIP is entirely geared towards providing small to medium sized businesses quality and dependable phone service. As such, our sign up process asks for points of information such as address and business name. This isn't welcoming for the individual who just wants to set up a free SIP address and phone. So, we took it upon ourselves to create a new, free service - separate from OnSIP, but built with the same technologies and platform:

What Is

The new site allows users to sign up for a free SIP and XMPP address in under 10 seconds. Simply enter a few bits of information, and you will get a welcome email with your new SIP and XMPP account information. The email also contains clear, easy directions to getting a soft phone and/or chat client up and running in a matter of minutes. We hope people will use to create SIP addresses for friends and family and take advantage of free calling, video, and chat. (This free service does not support PSTN calling nor 911 calling.) Related links: What is my SIP address? SIP domain hosting Get a Free SIP Account