2008 Wrap-up and 2009 Predictions

It's a dirty little secret that most company blogs are not written by the employees themselves, but by the marketing/PR folks behind the scenes or by the SEO people trying to obtain more 'organic' search results. By the not-entirely-frequent updates and the equally way-too-nerdy content, I bet you can guess that the Junction Networks blogs do not fall into this category.

It is refreshing that we have the freedom to write about topics that interest us. And before I get swamped with e-mail about it, yes, we should try to blog more often and it is a goal for us for 2009. Most of our marketing pieces, however, we have written for us. You can't be good at everything. The below article is an exception. I was given the chance by TMC to comment on the state of VoIP in general and Junction Networks in particular in 2008 and make predictions for both for 2009. I thought the editors would take my responses and paraphrase them into an article, but no, they took my responses and published them verbatim.

Below is the link to the article where I talk about how great 2008 was for Junction Networks and make predictions for the future of VoIP in 2009.

Enjoy: Click here.