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iNum == Voxbone

by John Riordan

iNum == Voxbone

All OnSIP users can dial any SIP address for free. It has always been that way.

Someone recently suggested that we allow users to dial iNum (+883) numbers. They also suggested that we assign iNum numbers to our users. This same helpful iNum ambassador also provided us with the name a project manager at Voxbone which could help us out.

Someone else asked, "What is iNum?"

Some years back the ITU assigned Voxbone a country code all their own: +883-5100. Voxbone basically controls all the phone numbers in this "country". Through a marketing initiative called iNum (the numbers in this country code are referred to a "iNums"), Voxbone has been working for years to get as many people to use numbers from their country code as they can. While they have been working to get various PSTN carriers to route calls to their country code (some carriers apparently do, some don't), Voxbone has also made all their iNum numbers accessible via SIP over the internet.

It is possible to call an iNum in the format sip:8835100xxxxxxxx@inum.net

So OnSIP users can dial iNums for free. This is not new.

For example, try the echo test at: sip:883510000000091@inum.net

With regard to the title of this post, the domain to which iNum SIP addresses belong is inum.net - which belongs to Voxbone...

<code>% whois inum.netRegistrant:   Voxbone   Blvd de la Cambre 33   Brussels,  1000   Belgium   Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)   Domain Name: INUM.NET      Created on: 19-Apr-01      Expires on: 19-Apr-12      Last Updated on: 09-Oct-10</code>

So when you call an iNum (+883) number you are calling a Voxbone number and thus a Voxbone user. With regard to assigning iNum numbers to OnSIP users we have no great desire to turn OnSIP users into Voxbone users too. Besides, all phone numbers used by OnSIP users can already be dialed for free over the internet.

It is possible to call any OnSIP number in the format sip:<onsip-number>@<onsip-domain>

So internet users can dial OnSIP numbers for free. This is not new.

For example, try our main number at: sip:12129339190@junctionnetworks.com

Then again, you could just dial sip:welcome@junctionnetworks.com - it is a bit easier to remember.

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