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Study: SIP Trunking Shot Up 50% In 2013

by OnSIP

A 2014 Infonetics report showed a drastic increase in SIP trunking, particularly in North America.

Published: April 22, 2014

Infonetics is an international market research and consulting firm that helps businesses plan, strategize, and compete in the communications market. It recently released the VoIP and UC Services and Subscribers report for 2014, a comprehensive overview of service providers' revenue and subscriber bases. The study documented, most pertinently for OnSIP, a remarkable 50% increase in SIP trunking for 2013, with the highest growth taking place in North America.

SIP trunking is an included feature in every OnSIP Hosted PBX account. OnSIP Trunking leverages the reliability and infrastructure of the OnSIP platform for optimum performance. Unlike other SIP trunking service providers, OnSIP does not charge you per channel or trunk. You simply open an OnSIP account, with a minimum fee of $49.95 per month, and then pay as you go for usage.

Price Comparison 

Here's a price comparison of the most popular SIP trunking plans (for a business that needs 25 concurrent inbound/outbound calls):

Company Per month cost Per minutes cost Additional Charges
OnSIP $49.95 2.9 cents $2/mo phone number
Nextiva $623.75
($24.95 x 25)
Unmetered $49.75 E911 fee, $50 regulatory recovery fee, $61.13 USF fee
8x8 $500 50,000 minutes for inbound/outbound. Unlimited concurrent calling. none
Megapath $248.75
($9.95 x 25)
2.9 cents $0.5/mo phone number
Simple Signal $483
($27 x 21, 4 free trunks)
20,000 minutes $1/mo phone number, $1.95 enable 911 group


In addition to extraordinary growth in SIP trunking, the study also documented significant gains for the broader VoIP ecosystem. Predicted worldwide VoIP revenue was $68 billion in 2013, a number that Infonetics predicts will jump to $88 billion by 2018. Sales of traditional hosted PBX offerings grew 13%. Global residential VoIP subscribers totaled 212 million in 2013, up 8% from the previous year.

As Infonetics Principal Analyst Diane Myers notes, VoIP services are now mainstream powerhouses for telecommunications across the globe. The impressive growth of the VoIP ecosystem in 2013, bolstered by the adoption of SIP trunking and cloud services worldwide, marks another healthy forecast for the VoIP world. OnSIP is proud to offer superior hosted PBX and SIP Trunking options, and we are excited to be a part of the telecommunications world that is expanding with exceptional rapidity.

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