OnSIP Information: Phone Number Porting

Keep your phone number!

Port your existing numbers over to OnSIP for just $15* per number.

    1. Submit a port request within the OnSIP Admin Portal.

      We will confirm that your number(s) can be ported and send you an email when we find out. Please take note of the Case Number in the email you receive.

    2. Fax us your most recent phone bill.

      Please fax the most recent phone bill from your current service provider to (215) 754-4477. Be sure to include the Case Number in your fax. We need just one page with the following information: old provider name, your company name, your company address, phone number(s) to be ported.

    3. Review and sign a Letter of Authorization.

      We will email you a Letter of Authorization for your review and signature. Please review, sign, and fax it back to us at (215) 754-4477. Note that the information in the Letter of Authorization must match with the information on your latest phone bill.

      A number port can happen in as few as 10 days or it may take 3-6 weeks, depending on your current carrier.

How will I get phone service during this porting period?

Once you have set up your OnSIP phone system (added users, created phone trees, auto attendants, etc) and your VoIP phones, we can provide you with temporary OnSIP numbers. Simply have your current provider remote call forward your business phone numbers to the temporary OnSIP numbers we've provided. You are live with OnSIP at this point.

When your number port is complete, cancel your service with your old provider and everything is 100% OnSIP.

* If you are porting from more than 5 carriers or providers, we may charge an administrative fee of $30 per carrier / provider above 5. This is an unusual case, and we will inform you of any possible additional charges prior to submitting your port to our vendors.