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OnSIP works with any standard VoIP phones; we don’t lock you down or require you to buy new ones.

If you need phones, we make it easy to buy recommended models, add them to your account via plug & play, and save money on your first bill.

OnSIP VoIP Phone Central

Don’t have phones? No problem.


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OnSIP is compatible with just about any SIP phone and you can buy them from anywhere. We do have our recommended models that we've tested in our lab and added to our "boot server," which makes setup even quicker and easier.

You can browse a selection of pre-configured phones through our preferred distributor, VoIP Supply.

Choose your phones

Buy and save with the OnSIP phone promo

We’ll help offset your upfront investment. Purchase 5 or more new phones from the brands we recommend, and we’ll give you $300 in OnSIP credit.

Our onboarding experts can even arrange for your phones to be provisioned prior to delivery. Just give us a call at 1-509-210-7800.

Buy and save

Set up your phones

When your phones arrive, you can follow our Knowledgebase for setup in minutes!

If your phones have been provisioned, you just log into the OnSIP Admin Portal, add your phone, and assign it to a user!

OnSIP support

Let us help you find the right phone service for your business.