New York Business VoIP Resellers

In an earlier blog post, we discussed how New York business VoIP providers can offer NYC-based companies the flexibility needed to keep up with the fast paced workstyle. VoIP services allow employees to work remotely and still be as productive as if they were at their desks (they will be able to extension dial their colleagues from their home office phones, for instance). Hosted VoIP also enables you to make moves, adds, and changes in real-time by use of an online admin portal.

But ensuring that your network infrastructure can handle a new VoIP service can be a time-consuming task. Where can you turn to for assistance, if you need it?

Many VoIP services have built up a wide network of resellers or agents. These resellers have the knowledge and experience to help you successfully set up a new hosted VoIP service.

A Typical Business VoIP Reseller:

Business VoIP resellers typically are IT professionals who provide their clients with assistance in setting up and maintaining their network infrastructure. They are well-versed in the technology needed to run a business's internal network and can provide guidance and troubleshooting on an as-needed basis.

These IT administrators have also become knowledgeable in hosted VoIP phone systems over the last few years. They will be able to determine the requirements needed to optimize your business VoIP network quality, including:

  • Does your network have enough bandwidth for VoIP traffic?
  • Do you have a commercial-grade router?
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What's the Relationship Between a Reseller and the VoIP Provider?

In order to resell their services, business VoIP providers have reseller programs that these IT admins have to apply or sign up for. Most providers offer specialized training that their resellers must complete; these programs provide the knowledge needed to successfully set up that particular VoIP service. Once completed, the reseller will be able to provision the VoIP system independent of the provider.

Most VoIP reseller programs are non-exclusive- the agent can be a reseller for a few competing VoIP providers. Once the reseller evaluates your business's daily needs, she or he will be able to recommend a VoIP service that fulfills those needs.

Finally, VoIP resellers may have access to discounts and special pricing terms for the providers that they are representing, so it is worth it to ask!

VoIP Resellers in New York City

VoIP providers that have a national presence will have resellers in every region of the U.S. This is certainly true for the New York City area - OnSIP, for instance, has resellers throughout the NYC boroughs and suburbs.

A New York business VoIP agent will arm you with information on the best local ISPs and equipment to use for your VoIP system. They can also help troubleshoot any issues that arise, using their knowledge of the local infrastructure.

While researching VoIP providers, ask them about their network of resellers. If you own a New York based business, an agent with knowledge of the provider as well as the local area will put you well on your way to a successful VoIP deployment.

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