Don't Miss Tomorrow's Agent Webinar: Booting up with OnSIP (8/16, 2pm ET)

Also known as a provisioning server, a boot server is an external server that gives a phone device firmware and user settings information to "boot up." The OnSIP boot server saves agents time and energy while configuring and maintaining phones. Did you know OnSIP now supports several phone brands on our boot server?

Attend the agent webinar tomorrow, entitled "Booting up with OnSIP," to learn which phone brands we currently support on the OnSIP boot server. Listen in while Mike Oeth, CEO, and Andy Ogg, Channel Manager, explain how the set-up process differs for each phone brand, rated by level of effort.

When: Thursday, 8/16, 2pm ET

Where: Register here, or click the button below.

About OnSIP Agent Webinars

Our ongoing webinar series for OnSIP resellers and those interested in joining the program has been a great success so far. We hope to give IT professionals a competitive advantage to selling VoIP services to businesses by expanding their knowledge of our own hosted VoIP platform. We also provide tips and tricks of the trade that our employees and existing agents have accumulated over the years.

If you are an individual or organization providing IT services, then the OnSIP agent program is a great opportunity to:

  • Enhance your offerings with a highly demanded technology service
  • Grow your reach by adding remote offices to your existing client base
  • Become an agent for new hardware sales and support for your clients
  • And, of course, add recurring revenues to your bottom line

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