Stop Unwanted Calls: Block Inbound Numbers on Polycom Phones

With the rise of spam calling, US small businesses lose half a billion dollars a year handling unwanted calls. Futhermore, the federal government's Do Not Call Registry applies only to private citizens, not to businesses.

Many service providers and phone companies have adopted measures to combat unsolicited calling. Some phone manufacturers also allow users to program individual phones to block certain inbound phone numbers.

If you have a Polycom phone, almost all models come with a call blocking feature to stop spam, robocalls, telemarketing, or unwanted individuals from disrupting your business operations.

Auto Reject a Number On a Polycom Phone

You can program your Polycom phone to automatically reject calls from specific numbers in eight steps.

1. Press the 'Menu' button on your phone.

2. Select the 'Features' option.

3. Enter the 'Contacts Directory'.

4. Select the 'Add' option. (Note: for some models, this option is under 'More'.)

Add Contact on a Polycom phone5. Enter the name of the organization/individual you wish to block.

6. Enter the phone number you want to block in the 'Contact' field.

7. Scroll down. Set 'Auto Reject' to 'Enabled'.

Auto reject number on a Polycom phone

8. Press 'Save'.

If someone calls you from the blocked number, your Polycom phone will not ring. The block also applies to any dialed extensions found on that number.

Number Blocking: Keeping Your Phone Lines Open

Most phones, whether SIP or mobile or otherwise, come with features that allow you to block a number directly from the phone itself. Some VoIP services even allow you to block calls at the service provider's end. Additionally, there are call blocking apps that you can download for your smartphone.

Polycom phones provide a relatively straightforward way to block numbers directly on the phone. This method should prove successful on a case-by-case basis. If you're dealing with a more virulent strain of unwanted calls, consult the FCC's guide to blocking unwanted calls for a comprehensive guide.

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