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Our phone review team has compiled a list of our Top Business VoIP Phones for 2016.

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sipdroid (April 2010) star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_grey_24 star_grey_24

Since starting our company in 2004, we’ve been dreaming of the day when mobile devices replace desktop phones. Imagine your desk minus the old school desk phone. You sit down, remove your cell phone from your pocket, and without doing anything, you are ready to make and receive 4-digit extension calls within your office phone network.

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Topics: Open Source, Android, Soft Phone

CSIPSimple star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_grey_24

CSIP Simple is a free SIP client for the Android OS. In its current build, the application does not support business features like blind or attended transfer. If you need these features, then I suggest purchasing and downloading Bria for Android.

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Topics: Android

Bria For Android (v1.0.0) star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_orange_24 star_grey_24 star_grey_24

Counterpath released an iPhone version of its Bria softphone at the beginning of the summer. It has quickly become one of our favorite VoIP applications in the App Store. The company promised not long after that another version for the Android market would not be far behind, and now—5 months later—it’s finally here. Huzzah!

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Topics: Android, Soft Phone