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With 10gen's rapid growth and frequent moves, they rely on OnSIP for easy setup and dependable service.

In the words of 10gen System Engineer Mike Fiedler, 10gen is an open source software company. “We write and sponsor open source software called MongoDB, which is a document store database-style application. It's quite easy to use, and it's fully free! As a company, we also offer training and support for our product for people who want to learn more."

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The SIP School

As the provider of the global standard in SIP training and the issuing authority of the widely endorsed SSCA® certification, The SIP School has taught thousands of employees in the telecommunications industry how to better support their clients, products and services. Typically, the organization encourages its students to register with free SIP providers to try real-world SIP solutions.

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Brighter Planet

Brighter Planet, Inc. is an environmental start-up dedicated to providing consumer-friendly solutions to climate change. An outgrowth of an environmental economics course at Middlebury College in 2005, the company sells products and services that allow consumers to help build renewable energy projects that help deter global warming. Environmentally concerned citizens buy or earn the “carbon offsets” created by these projects to reduce their “carbon footprint” – the measure of one’s personal environmental impact.


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Quiksoft Corp., Broomall, PA, is a B2B email software developer whose president, John Alessi, knows a lot about hosted PBX offerings. It’s taken him four tries to find the one he plans on keeping.

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FormRouter (Cary, NC) takes all the technical hassles out of getting data from online forms into desktop databases. Using their servers and their online configuration tools, clients create and post online forms and then securely receive the resulting response data into their own databases. In the words of CFO Sonny Menon: “We say, ‘Your form, securely online, in five minutes. No programming. No servers. No IT staff intervention needed.’ Kind of like what [OnSIP] does for the telecom space.”

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